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What are Celtic fans thinking: About Doc and KG

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 20, 2013 at 5:15 AM

So what's the word out there with other fans on other sites? Here's a rundown of concerns and other comments that may speak to you.

Comment made on Celtics Blog

Press Conference

I just couldn’t see Doc coming on today and saying “well, ya know, it’s a business decision that was made, and sometimes things work out, and, uh, sometimes they don’t. But I’m still happy to be here coaching this team, and, uh…it is what it is. Thank you.”

I think we’re going to get another pick And shed Terry or Lee. The Clips will still keep Bledsoe.

Jordan/Butler/two 1sts
KG/Doc/Lee or Terry

by Tradetime

Where does the business fall into this? The Clippers are not giving Doc anymore money? The Celtics weren't firing Doc. This is a personal choice by Doc to coach players he wants to coach, and to coach a team that he thinks will win. This isn't business related in any sense. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Comment from CelticsBlog

Message to Rondo get in the right frame of mind and just love and I mean love the new coach and teammates

Or your ass can be traded too

by celticfansince66

Shouldn't the new coach love Rondo as well? I think we should be rallying behind Rondo instead of jumping the gun on how he'll treat the next coach.

ESPN Boston

Who started the the talks again? If it was the Clips then DA has the upper hand this time around and should ask for his 1st demand. DAJ and Bledsoe or no deal.

Danny should demand the most here. With Chris Paul's hand all over this deal, the Clippers will feel pressured into something by their star. Look how they worked for Orlando when they tried to keep Howard, and the Cavs with James. The Clippers will keep Paul with this deal of KG and Doc, and assuming Pierce goes.

ESPN Boston

3 first round pick deandre joardan and take Terry's contract if you want rivers and kg otherwise no deal if deal get George Karl or Lionel Hollions or Jeff vangundy those are my top 3

The Celtics will have some fine coaches to chose from. I like the thought of George Karl. Look what he did with a Nuggets team that didn't have a star like Rondo. With the cap space the Celtics could have, and with some draft picks. This Celtics team is not that far behind.

ESPN Boston

Guys, Celtics CANNOT contend every year, you can't fix everything in one offseason

I agree and don't agree. As much as I hate the Heat. They did just that. They built a team over night, and they have went to three Finals in a row. The same could be said about the Lakers from 2008-2010. They went to three Finals in a row after having two seasons in a row of first round exists. The Heat had Wade to build around and the Lakers Kobe. I believe in Rondo and the Celtics could put together a player or two with Rondo and company.

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Reply paul
8:41 AM on June 20, 2013 
I don't know why folks don't get it that Rondo is the kind of player you build the team around. The coach has to get along with him (though Ideally it should be a two way street).
Reply paul
9:10 AM on June 20, 2013 
I'm fascinated to see fans defending Doc and KG. They are ring chasing, much like Ray. Some are arguing that it was really all Danny's idea. OK, you could argue that about KG, but not for Doc, I think. Doc was playing coy about coming back as soon as the season ended. This trade changes the legacy of both Doc and KG, and probably of Pierce too. The Three Amigos wanted out. That's what it looks like. Don't put this all on Danny, folks. I'll blame Danny when it's called for (and I don't like the idea of pretty much swapping KG for Jordan), but not for this. Indications are pretty strong that Doc wanted out, and KG and Pierce at least seem to be following along.
Reply Greg
11:04 AM on June 20, 2013 
This is still in the early stages,so its hard to call KG a ring chaser,but Doc is.. KG could say I don't want traded,but he's moving on.. its as simple as that. KG has a no trade clause,and now maybe Ray will join them next year in LA?
Reply paul
11:22 AM on June 20, 2013 
Greg says...
This is still in the early stages,so its hard to call KG a ring chaser,but Doc is.. KG could say I don't want traded,but he's moving on.. its as simple as that. KG has a no trade clause,and now maybe Ray will join them next year in LA?

Sheesh - wouldn't that just be perfect!!
Reply paul
12:03 PM on June 20, 2013 
I'm starting to warm up to the idea of Brian Shaw as the next coach - like Rondo, young with something to prove and a chip on his shoulder.