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10 Years of Ainge: Tony Allen's departure

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 8, 2013 at 5:15 AM

Ainge gets a lot of flack for not inking Tony Allen after the 2010 NBA Finals. When I think about this years later. I forget that Tony Allen wanted a bigger role. He was stuck behind Paul Pierce and Ray Allen at the time. He wanted more than a bench role, but could have Danny done more to keep him? Tony Allen says he signed with the Grizzlies because he didn't feel like a priority in Boston, which may have been Danny Ainge's big mistake. Danny had to worry about resigning Paul and Ray in the summer of 2010.

"I've been working on [Allen and others]," Ainge said on July 8 as the Celtics' summer league team competed in Orlando. "We've had conversations. So we're just trying to fill our roster. Once we get [Pierce, Ray Allen and O'Neal] taken care of in a couple days, then we'll work on our next group of guys."

I think Danny could have done more, and maybe Doc could have been more instrumental with Tony Allen. A couple days later, Tony Allen inked a three-year deal with the Grizzlies.

"Ultimately, it was the way [the Grizzlies] embraced me, the way they reached out to me and let it all out," said Allen. "They let me know I was needed. In Boston, I was kind of overshadowed by those guys -- Paul Pierce and Ray Allen."

It was reported that the Celtics offered Tony just two years as the Grizzlies offered him three years for 10 million dollars. If that's the case then Danny messed up. When you play the what if game. The loss of Daniels in January 2011 may have not been a big deal if Tony Allen was in green. The Perk deal may have never happened. Because the Celtics would have not been in need of a wing. Tony Allen could have been amazing last year in the East Finals as well just to put that out there. Tony Allen had a solid run with the Grizzlies this past season. He didn't have the best start in year one with Memphis, but Tony has made us think what if he still was a Celtic. Could we have won a title in the past two years in 2011 or 2012? Is Tony that good to be the difference maker last year, or would the Celtics have been good enough anyways in 2011? I have to think the C's may have won a title in one of the years.

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Reply paul
9:35 AM on June 8, 2013 
Seems like he just wanted to go.
Reply Franklin
11:40 AM on June 8, 2013 
Tony was tired of living in Pauls shadow. He's made a nice name for himself on a strong team.
Reply paul
11:55 AM on June 8, 2013 
hard to blame him. And Paul isn't afraid to throw a big shadow - part of the reason Danny has to think hard about trading him.
Reply C'slife
5:24 PM on June 8, 2013 
paul says...
hard to blame him. And Paul isn't afraid to throw a big shadow - part of the reason Danny has to think hard about trading him.

For sure. Danny is getting a lot of the blame for Pierce. But I often say it goes both ways. I know Paul can't rework his deal so to speak. But maybe Paul can help in some other way thats legal.
Reply rcraig617
6:21 PM on June 8, 2013 
Kinda seems like he wanted more of a role but i would've kept him and even after 08 I would've kept james posey as well. The one problem was in 2010 having perk tony allen and rondo all out on the floor at the same time would mean no spacing offensively.
Reply paul
6:33 PM on June 8, 2013 
If Paul and Danny put their heads together, they might be able to work something out. But even if they can't, Pierce is of course well worth keeping if he can find a constructive way to work with Rondo and the young-uns. He just can't be the Big Dog anymore.