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The Celtics may have found something with Green starting

Posted by shawn cassidy on April 3, 2013 at 5:25 AM

What if the Celtics move Bass to  the bench when KG returns? I like the big lineup of KG, and Wilcox with Green at the three, along with Pierce at shooting guard. Pierce can't hang with a some two guards, but Jeff Green can, and so can Avery Bradley if they need to shake up things. The Celtics have enough firepower off the bench when you have Terry, Crawford, Lee, and potentially Bass coming off the bench. 

 Jeff Green seems to be a great player when he gets more minutes, and more shots. It builds his confidence, and it gives him  more comfort in his ability.Green is averaging 21.4 points in his 10 games as a starter. He would lead the Celtics in scoring, and he would be ranked 8th in the NBA in scoring if that stat would hold true if he started all season. Green is better then Bass all around, and it makes more sense having him start. Green is the guy who can provide intangibles that the Celtics don't get without Rondo.

“I’m at a point where I’m comfortable,” Green said. “There’s always more. I’m never content with where I’m at, so I’ve got to keep pushing.”

People have seen the C’s, but they haven’t seen Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Avery Bradley and this Jeff Green.

“It just opens up the floor for other guys and makes us a better team,” Green said of the effect the way he’s playing now can have on the operation. “I mean, when you’ve got Paul and Kevin, when they get healthy, and then you’ve got myself and Jet (Jason Terry), Courtney (Lee) and Avery, when we’re clicking it opens everything up. It just adds another dimension to our team.”

Green is capable of giving 40 minutes a night like Rondo. I don't like that, but some nights it's needed by most star players. I think Rondo, and Green could be a great duo in the coming years, along with another player after Pierce and KG leave. If Green can be a 20-23 point guy, the Celtics got a steal again when you see his contract. With that contract you should expect Green to be an impact, and with the Celtics down on their luck with injuries. Green has slowly built up his reputation this season, and he's becoming a scorer that teams should fear.

Boston Herald

Now there are just eight games left until the postseason, and Jeff Green is ready.

“I mean, I’ve always felt good about myself,” he said. “I just knew it was going to take some time for me to get to this point. I never panicked and never rushed it. You know, it was outsiders that wanted to rush it and wanted to see it right away. I knew that it wasn’t going to be that way.”

And while there is more of Green here now, it’s not all of him. But the Celts are still appreciative of what they’re getting.

“It’s been great,” coach Doc Rivers said. “It’s funny, because with the whole heart thing and sitting out the year, you don’t know if this is progression from sitting out a year or this is just him getting better as a player and getting confident whether he sat out or not. I don’t know that. I’m not smart enough to even figure that out. But he is growing, and it’s great to see. It’s great to see his confidence grow.

“You know, (Sunday in New York) was funny. You watch the film, and he didn’t play very well — but he was very aggressive, and I like the fact that he kept being aggressive even though the ball kept not going in. I thought that was very good. That’s a positive step for him.”

Green was okay against the Knicks? He had a team high in points with 27 points, and he seemed like the only guy who showed up. Green seems to play big when it's a big game. The Celtics need that in the playoffs every night if they want to advance.



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Reply paul
5:49 AM on April 3, 2013 
I'm still not sold on Green. He's great at certain things, but I'm not sure he's a big time player if he's not playing off a Paul Pierce. Ainge has faith in him, so that's meaningful at this point, and he's been amazing at times this year, but most of all, I'm still disheartened by everyone accepting this whole idea that he has to have the ball in his hand. I just don't see how he gets by with this crap. As I see it, every other Celtics great earned the right to dominate the ball, and this seems to relate more than anything to the Rondo Double Standard. Everyone hates on Rondo for dominating the ball when he's proven himself to be a dominant player in the toughest basketball crucible there is, but everyone loves loves loves Green for saying, with words and with his play, 'I deserve to dominate the ball just because I do, and by the way, give me the effing ball, Rondo'. IF Green and Rondo get some kind of game plan together, yes, I could see it being brilliant. They've had some great plays together. Worthy and Johnson. Why not? But I don't want to see more of what we saw this year, with Rondo (and Doc) apparently having no plan, and Worthy almost seeming to sulk if he didn't get the ball.
Reply Franklin
1:10 PM on April 3, 2013 
I think he's got to change his game when Rondo returns. But I feel like Rondo can find him in the offense next season. Right now Green has taken the role because the Celtics have no choice. But if Green can't adapt to Rondo next season,and if he can't score without having the ball. Then Green has to go.
Reply rcraig617
11:55 PM on April 3, 2013 
I think everything will fall in to place if rondo is willing to spot up a little more and hit shots. Paul can be more effective from the top of the key and green will be able to penetrate and not have to worry about pg's sitting in his lap because they're sagging off rondo and we all know what rondo can do with the ball in his hands.