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What are Celtic fans thinking: Off with Doc's head

Posted by shawn cassidy on March 24, 2013 at 6:10 AM

The comments are pulled from ESPN BOSTON.

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The Sucktics are garbagio. Terry is off his rocker if he thinks a series vs the Heat would lead to anything but Boston getting swept.


What gets me about all this:  


Terry Francona coached the Red Sox to two World Series titles within a few years of each other! Many believed that he would be a fixture for years to come, however, he lost control of his players and the team continued to spiral downward which resulted in his demise! Now, Doc's well has dried up since 08 after winning one title which could have or should have been at least 1 maybe 2 more titles with all the talent they had! How is it that in a City with such media scrutiny over sports, do he get a pass?? He's done nothing even close to what Francona has done for the Red Sox! The Celtics have so much history, pride, and most championships in basketball! Why do they settle for such mediocrity on this man? He has ran his course, time to move on!!

This is a counter answer to the above comment.

STBadly I agree with you, and here is another analogy: If Doc and Francona coached the Patriots, Bledsoe (I still love you man!) would have finished out his contract in NE! Belichick plays the best guys whether they be rookies, UDFA's or some scrub off the street. He doesn't care if you are a 15 year vet, if you were an all-star the last 6 years, or if you're a nice guy. Performance. Practice. Heart. You know what? He wins by playing who deserves to play, not by playing who feels they deserve to play!

STBadly "Boston wraps up its mini three-game road swing with an ugly 0-3 mark, AND RIVERS SAID HE ISN'T TAKING ANYTHING SUBSTANTIAL AWAY FROM THE CELTIC'S PERFORMANCES. 


"Nothing really. I mean, we didn't play great. So, NOTHING," said Rivers. "I WISH WE HAD PLAYED BETTER." 


Are you kidding me? How about you DEMAND better? The bench outplayed the starters, and until that changes, why not give the bench the starter's minutes? The starters play like they are entitled to win; tonight, the bench played like they didn't know they were supposed to lose!

theheartofwinter well, doc wants to win every night, but does his players want to? the team deserve to lose he said on numerous occasions.  

he may be the best coach in the nba according to most people but i think he is too lenient on his players. he should demand accountability on them like pops do , he can bring out the best of them every game.

I think it's clear that Doc is getting the bulk of the blame here. He deserves a lot of it. I agree with a lot of the fans, but I do believe he's the right coach for the Celtics. I think Doc has always favored guys like Pierce, Ray , and KG. He has this weird thing for veterans, and even Terry this year who's been not the best off the bench. I think it's hurt Rondo's growth as well. I think maybe the bigger question is this. Is Doc the right coach after the Pierce, and KG era?

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Reply paul
6:43 AM on March 24, 2013 
Doc didn't do the work he needed to do this summer, and neither did Rondo. Those two set the team up for failure by thinking everything would just fall into place for them. So now what will you do THIS summer, Doc and Rondo?
Reply Greg
12:58 PM on March 24, 2013 
I think this season was over before it even started because of Doc. He thought the talent would mesh. Without a lot of thought.
Reply paul
6:01 PM on March 24, 2013 
seems that way