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The Celtics are not better without Rondo

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 21, 2013 at 12:25 AM

Time to come down from that cloud. It's time to realize that when it rains, it doesn't rain skittles. It's not time understand one thing. If you lose the best player on your team. It means your not a better team. If the Heat lost Lebron James for the season. That means the Heat are not better. Pretty common stuff.

To appear wise, one must talk. To be wise, one must listen. Some of us didn't listen, and some of us did. Some of us picked a side. In the world people usually take a side. For some fans it was redemption. The Celtics went 8-1 without Rondo, and the team looked good. Perhaps they played their best basketball. For the fans who trust in Rondo. It may have hurt, but it was an after though with the team winning, and perhaps some fans shifted gears.

The  Celtics world was throbbing in a lot of peoples eyes, blurry and hazy to some, everything just flying by. Watching the Celtics fall apart in the last two games told me a story of how good this team really is. They're the same team they were when Rondo was on the court. Bradley's defense has been a bit over hyped? I hate to go that far, but look. He was burned by Ty Lawson, and burned by Nash, and Steve Blake. His offense was good in the first quarter the other night with 12 points, but since that quarter, all we get are a bunch of blown layups. I won't condemn Bradley for the past two games, but the reality of it all? Bradley won't take Rondo's spot. 

In the past two games the Celtics don't play the same defense, and the offense has become isolation basketball with Paul Pierce. I can't hate on Pierce for his first half in Los Angles Wednesday night. But he's playing hero ball again. I think it was a double edge sword for the Celtics going to the All-Star break. They lost all momentum, but they needed to regroup after another season ending injury to Barbosa. The Celtics needed players.

Darkness is relief, ignorance is the cure, but no amount of sleep will save us for what awaits us the rest of the way.  When reality is this impure. The reality is simple, and I may have been one of few bloggers who tried to keep my sanity. The Celtics are not better without Rondo. Whose truth is reality? Seeing reality quite differently? With many refusing what's real. It's hard to make a point valid. To be honest with all of you. I care more about the wins, but with Rondo I feel that many discredit his worth, and they never give him credit. For Rondo to be this good is a blessing that many of us forget. This guy was a 21st pick, but he's easily the best player from that draft. Rudy Gay was drafter, and Brandon Roy who's career will never be the same. Lamarcus Aldridge the second pick is good, but not a game changer like Rondo. The first pick that season was Bargnani. My point is that Rondo wasn't supposed to be here, but he worked hard to get here.

I love the rain. It seems to clean my soul out. It's peaceful, and it gives me clean thoughts. We are, what we are. We make, what we make. We give, what we give. The Celtics are a 28-26 team, and without Rondo that 28-26 looks much worse than a 20-23 record with Rondo. I wish the Celtics were better without Rondo. Because I love this franchise obviously. The clouds move on, the earth turns grey the happiness I felt, has quickly gone away. I think all of us knew that this was a facade. 

Of course Rondo is no angel. He's made many mistakes. But I feel like he doesn't have room for error. I think for fans it's easy to pick on Rondo. I don't see Paul Pierce getting much blame. He's a beloved figure for a decade and a half. KG is KG, and that guy brings it, and he bleeds green. I don't think Rondo has built a connection with the fans yet. The fun, and games without Rondo has ended, and for me the high has got me down like a crash off of caffeine. I honestly miss Rondo, and after tonight's game, and Tuesday nights game. I think Danny should keep this team half way together.

I think Danny should keep the duo of KG, and Pierce. I also think Danny needs to keep Jeff Green. Otherwise, I think Danny should gamble to get a Josh Smith despite how I feel about him not being a max guy. After tonight's game, I'm done with Bass. He's a good bench player. But now, and in the future. The Celtics can't waste time on him. They needed to bring him back, but with Sully in waiting next season. Sully was playing better, and rebounding better. Plus Jeff Green plays a similar role better. I know Danny won't get crap for Bass this season.

Maybe I'm overreacting, and maybe tomorrow I may regret  some of this post. But the Celtics are in a odd spot at the deadline. I think we've found out that this team has fatal flaws, and without Rondo saving the day. The weaknesses are brighter then the sun.

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Reply C'slife
2:07 AM on February 21, 2013 
Excellent post my man. Hit how I feel on the head.
Reply Morena
2:38 AM on February 21, 2013 
Love this post, Shawn!!
Reply paul
4:00 AM on February 21, 2013 
great post, shawn. Tough game. Don't give up on this team. Can't believe I'm saying that...
Reply Celticslifer
11:26 AM on February 21, 2013 
paul says...
great post, shawn. Tough game. Don't give up on this team. Can't believe I'm saying that...

I can't believe that either! Good read,will hang tough,but the next three games will decide how I feel.