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KG in the dark when Danny talks with other teams

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 17, 2013 at 1:20 AM

"Garnett also said he has not been approached by Celtics management about potential deals.

“I’m not aware of when Danny talks to teams,” he said, sounding puzzled by the sudden proliferation of trade talk. “Trying to see what you’re trying to get at. Do I need to call Danny right now? If my name’s out there, it’s not the first time, right?

“It’s always a business. I’m just speaking from my side,” said Garnett. “Trade talks are a part of me, a part of the business side of the league. I’m no different. It is what it is. But at this point Danny hasn’t said anything to me, and I haven’t had any talks with Doc (Rivers) either. Things for me have been the status quo. I just woke up and hear ya’ll talking, so maybe I need to get on the phone.”

Each season has a theme to it. This is one of them for sure. Rumors, and the Celtics are like milk, and cereal. They just go together. In 2010 Ray Allen was the guy on the fishing pole being baited around the league. In 2011 it was kind of slow, until Danny made the surprise trade with OKC. Before 2012 started it was Rondo's turn. The Celtics were looking at dealing Rondo for Paul. Rondo was also in a few more rumors. The Pacers wanted him, and finally Danny gave up. With Rondo on the mend. KG seems to be the big target. Of course Pierce has been in rumors, and other rumors have formed since 2009. The Celtics were rumored to deal Rondo, and Allen for Prince, and Hamilton.

A part of me believes Danny is telling the truth, but half truths maybe. I do believe a lot of people have access to start rumors these days. Even Doc Rivers pointed to bloggers for starting the Honey Nut Cheerios rumor. Anyone these days seem to have power. We live in an age where a lot can happen from the web. When you look at the math of a Clippers, and Celtics deal it doesn't make sense for the Celtics. I don't see trading KG for those guys as an upgrade for the future. Those young guys are talented, but to trade away a fan favorite, and even a current icon for this team. It's bad for the culture of this franchise. Plus lets not forget. Sometime these talks are one sided. Maybe Danny's being approached when it comes to other teams wanting players like KG, and Pierce.

Danny's no saint, but this season until he proves me wrong. I give him the benefit of the doubt.


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Reply paul
7:45 AM on February 17, 2013 
Listen, this is 100% Danny's fault. Because of the Perk trade, no one trusts him, and rightly so. If it weren't for the Perk trade, rumors wouldn't be taken very seriously.
Reply Franklin
1:53 PM on February 17, 2013 
paul says...
Listen, this is 100% Danny's fault. Because of the Perk trade, no one trusts him, and rightly so. If it weren't for the Perk trade, rumors wouldn't be taken very seriously.

Exactly, and even the KG,and Ray deals, even though they helped the team. It's an example that Danny knows how to deal,or that he doesn't. He's always been active, and that's why rumors. Start, and his dumb ass comments about trading Bird,,and Mchale.
Reply rcraig617
6:52 PM on February 17, 2013 
To be honest I doubt kg even cares he's not waving his no trade clause so it doesn't matter and as he's stated danny said he'll try to do whatever he thinks will make the team better and kg has no problem with that. Some players like chris paul want to control what happens with the team and some players don't which seems like the player kg is.