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Ray won't always be a Celitc

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 12, 2012 at 5:00 AM

Ray wants to say he'll always be a Celtic, yes that is true in a sense. But to be a Celtic, it means more than just putting on the uniform for five seasons. I can consider Bill Walton a Celtic, he only played two seasons with the C's, but his passion, and love for the team, and  for the franchise was authentic. To this day, Bill Walton loves the green, and Bill was a kid growing up in California loving the Celtics, it  must have been hard. Being a Celtic may not be about how long you were in Boston, but it could come down to many different things. You can even call Danny Ainge  Celtic. Danny didn't finish his career as a Boston Celtic, but it was in his heart. I can remember how broken up he was when he was traded. Danny was fortunate to come back to Boston, and build a winner again. Of course Danny has his moments of  poor judgement, but he seems to be making up for the Perk deal.

I don't think fans will consider Ray a Celtic lifer, and I don't think Ainge, and the franchise will feel that way. Many of us will remember the first installment of the Big three, for their three championships, and will also remember how they broke down every season after 1987 with injury, after injury. Both Bird, and Kevin retired as Celtics, and Parish would have to, but he still wanted to play the game,and he departed Boston. You can't fault Parish, because the era was over. The Bird, Mchale, and Parish Big three, had a real relationship. The current version of the Big three, will be remembered for their one title, and for the missed chances because of major injuries at the wrong times, and now they'll be remembered for Ray, losing his mind, and leaving. Ray, is so egotistical, and delusional.  Ray wanted more from the Celtics, and I ask why? They were giving you money, they were giving you the same role as Miami, and they would give you a chance to retire as a Celtic, and to end a chapter in Celtics history, and you left Boston with unfinished business.

Ray was feeling isolated? Are kidding man, you were playing 40 minutes on a bad ankle, and Doc could have used MP, or Dooling, and even Daniels. I think this isolation is all in his head.

On not feeling urgency from the Celtics:

“To a small extent, yeah. When Kevin signed I was excited for him. He signed a three-year deal and I expected to be somewhere along the same (length). Then they went in another direction and started to sign their other free agents. In a free agency period, I’m looking at Miami and they’re so excited to have me come here and have an opportunity, and I didn’t sense the same excitement coming from that side of the equation.”


Ray sounds like a high school girl guys. Of course the Heat are going to approach you like that, they want to pry you away. The Celtics shouldn't have to even do it that way. I'm sure Danny figured that you know who we are, meaning the Celtics. Why should they have to sell Ray on Boston? Ray's move was impulsive, and he'll regret it in some way.

On being overlooked because he was always the good soldier:

“There’s some truth to that. Sometimes it’s my own fault. Sometimes you have to step out and clear your own path and let it be known a little more. But I acquiesced so much, that at some point they said, ‘Ray will be all right. He’ll get his touches, or he’ll figure it out, we don’t have to worry about him,’ and at some point it was to my own detriment because at some point I didn’t create enough of a wave to let them know you have to speak for yourself.”

Ray is 36 years old , going to be 37 in a week or so. Ray believes he is 30 years old right now.  Ray has always been a politician. I don't like most politicians, because their known for empty promises, and they tell you what you want to hear, and they chose what they say carefully. Ray is saying all the right things for the most part. He's painting the Celtics as a franchise that didn't care for him. He's saying he did what's best for his family, and he's trying to play off the Rondo feud, but we see right through it.

I know texting is apart of the culture, and I do it, but for Ray to text KG, instead of reaching out over the phone speaks volumes about Ray as a man.

 "When I knew I was leaning toward Miami, I actually sent a text out to Kevin, just to let him know," Allen said. "I just remember this process in [2008] when [James] Posey left us. He left and we just really wanted him back and he went to New Orleans. We didn't get a chance to get Danny [Ainge] to try to give him a little something extra, whatever it was. I didn't want that to be the case with me in this situation, so I texted Kevin, I said, 'Hey, I'm leaning this way. I just want you to know.' He said, 'Well, Danny will step up to the plate and do whatever you need him to do.' I was like, 'We'll see.' That was some of the smaller discussion we had."



On whether he now sees the Celtics as a rival:

“No, forever I will always be a Celtic, no matter what. I saw Big Baby down here during the playoffs and I look on him as a brother. We played against Perk during the year. It doesn’t change. (James) Posey came into the locker room after we lost Game 7 (of the Eastern Conference finals) here, and he’s forever a Celtic. Eddie House came into the locker room every time we played against him. In my mind it doesn’t change. No matter what people say about me, in my mentality I’m always going to stay true to the fans of Boston, because they’ve been great to me, my family, and I will always consider that place home.”


No matter what? The fans, and the franchise decide for the most part. Perk will always be a Celtic, because he was traded, and he didn't want out, and the fans view him as a Celtic. It goes back to my point about Bill Walton. In your mind it won't change Ray , but my mind has changed, my Allen jersey's are stored away now, and they'll never be worn again. Farewell, ungrateful traitor. The passion you pretended,was only to obtain your selfish goals. You call KG, and others your brothers, but in the end, no brother of mine, would turn away from me.

Ray has become a member of the most hated team in the NBA, he's a rival even if he thinks he is not. How can he not be a rival? He's on the Celtics rival.  Ray never let us inside on how he was feeling about his starting role on the Celtics.

Speculation also arose over Allen's disappointment with losing his starting spot to second-year guard Avery Bradley last season, and he shared a moment of humor with reporters when the likelihood of not starting in Miami was brought up. "You mean I'm not starting? I wish they had told me that last week," Allen joked.

"Going into this process I never said that I wanted to start or come off the bench. That wasn't really an issue. The way that I prepare for the game, the way that I try to figure out what's best for this team -- whatever's going to be best for me in this situation is going to figure itself out. This team won a championship without me. I'm not going to come in and expect for coach to cater to who I am or what I do. I've got to make that work on the floor with my new teammates ... I'm not trying to come here and win on my terms. I'm trying to win on what coach Spoelstra and Pat Riley need for this team to help win another championship."

He says that he doesn't expect the coach to cater to him ,but he seemed to want that from Boston. So what about Rondo, how much did Rondo play in Ray's decision?

There had been rampant speculation over the last few weeks that the relationship between Allen and Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo had soured, and that it contributed to Allen leaving the Celtics. Allen, though, largely avoided saying outright that he had been feuding with Rondo. "I can't say that [issues with Rondo] factored into my decision. I think as teammates, we're brothers, I'm around them more than I'm around my own family, and there's differences. We all have differences. Paul [Pierce] eats cornflakes. I might not like the cornflakes. That's just part of who we are as individuals. At the end of the day we had to buy into what the coaches believe is best for us. As players we have to put our differences aside."

Ray being a politician trying to spin it. Instead of Ray letting Rondo know how he felt, Ray had seemingly put his ill will towards Rondo out in the media. Another report bashing Rondo. In the end, it's all on Ray. Ray was unwilling to allow Rondo to get the spotlight.  The two maybe could have aired out their differencesm but will never know. I understand Ray's anger about the yearly trade rumors. But it was not happening in Ray's new deal. In the end, we won't get closure, and moving on will be the best medicine.

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Reply Morena
5:49 AM on July 12, 2012 
He stopped being a Celtics when he signed with the heat.
The press conference was ridiculous and disgusting

As someone on Ceticstown wrote yesterday, I can imagine Rondo gritting his teeth and getting a quintuple double against the heat next year
Reply paul
8:20 AM on July 12, 2012 
I don't know what's more disgusting. Is it the spite porridge that Ray Allen is pouring out, pretending that it's ice cream, or is it the way big-media such as the Globe, the Herald, ESPN, Yahoo and CSNNE are lapping up Allen's spite porridge? The stuff Allen has been saying has been such raving drivel - junior high stuff at best, as you suggest, Shawn; the presstitutes nod solemnly, taking it all down, trying to sell it to us, exactly the same way they tried to sell us Danny Ainge's endlessly raving drivel about The Trade.

I think the hard core bottom line reason for The Trade was that the Celtics ownership instructed Ainge to stick it to Perkins over his contract, sending a strong message to him, to the rest of the Celtics players, and to the players union that the ownership was willing to fight to the death to cut down the cap. I think every intelligent player knew exactly what The Trade meant; that the Celtics were willing to forgo a championship shot in order to stick it to a player seeking a new contract.

I think the hard core bottom line reason for Allen's treason is that he thinks he can pad his alltime three record in Miami. And as pathetic as such a motivation is, Allen is probably right. He probably can really really pad that record in Miami. If Battier can feast on threes for Miami, if Mike Miller can do it with a bad back, Ray Allen should be able to do it big time.

And his worshippers will call that "professionalism".

Of course, Rondo's haters are having a party over the Blame-It-On-Rondo meme. As pathetic as it would be for Ray Allen to turn (sports) traitor over Rondo, I think the real reason is even more pathetic.
Reply Franklin
8:20 AM on July 12, 2012 
Morena says...
He stopped being a Celtics when he signed with the heat.
The press conference was ridiculous and disgusting

As someone on Ceticstown wrote yesterday, I can imagine Rondo gritting his teeth and getting a quintuple double against the heat next year

Rondo feeds off of this stuff, with Allen gone, Rondo can be himself more.
Reply C'slife
8:24 AM on July 12, 2012 
Good read, I think all of us want to move from this until the season starts. It's easier said than done though. Because Ray was such an ass, and he thinks he is a Celtic. Bull RAY!
Reply paul
8:26 AM on July 12, 2012 
Franklin says...
Rondo feeds off of this stuff, with Allen gone, Rondo can be himself more.

I think the whole team will come alive. Allen was and is obsessed with himself far more than has been realized. It's coming out now.
Reply paul
8:26 AM on July 12, 2012 
Cslife, Ray really wants it both ways, doesn't he?
Reply BostonGlenn
2:51 PM on July 12, 2012 
You will not ever become a Celtic Ray Allen.. Go Boston Celtics.. Let's prove that we still can be champion without Ray Allen..