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Celtics Morning Joe: Some thoughts on Rondo

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 11, 2012 at 6:00 AM

There is something about being disrespected, that cements itself in one's mind to stay. Rondo doesn't seem to take things lightly. He seemed on the war path to beat the Heat this season, after they took Rondo out the year before. With the media bashing Rondo because of Ray's departure. Rondo has an extra log on the fire, buring away at him. Beating the Heat with Ray Allen on the roster would mean so much.

With the Celtics still adding players. Rondo needs a big to pass to . I think he has tools everywhere on the court. His young buddies Bradley, and Green, and he can find KG, and Pierce in their spots. But having Wilcox back could be an underrated signing for the Celtics. I would say Wilcox, and Rondo has a better chemistry than Bass, and Rondo last season. Wilcox ran the floor, and he was dominate at times when Rondo got him the ball. I think were looking at Rondo to save us next season. I think Rondo can come into his own more so with Ray gone. Of course the ultimate would be landing Howard to pair up with Rondo, but that's not even apart of the plan. Josh Smith would be right there in the mix for me. Who wouldn't want him with Rondo.

I think we want Rondo to understand the moment next season, and  I hope he gets the respect that he deserves from the refs. He'll still be a target, because the league is messed up. But Rondo must learn to play with it, because it's not changeable. If your a fan to call out Rondo's shooting, than shame on you. Rondo can shoot the ball end of story. Going into this season, I wonder how much better can Rondo become. Has he just scratched the surface? With Ray gone, Rondo must do more, because of course he can.

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Reply paul
7:42 AM on July 11, 2012 
Every year, the real story, but never ever acknowledged as such, is how much will Rajon Rondo improve this year? Every year our chances have hung by that thread, and every year Rondo has gotten better. I don't recall ever seeing a player grow and grow and grow as Rondo has.

What's amazing too is that nearly every other young star in the league has spent the last several years crying and screaming and spitting and fussing until they get just the right mix of fellow stars and other players plastered in around them. Rondo has never had a team geared to his talents. He has adjusted his game to the players around him. Even Nash, so long noted for being the 'good soldier' has gone crying and weeping to LA. How many easy assists will he get feeding Gasol and Bynum inside? The closest Rondo has come to a real inside presence is 90 year old Shaq, and all Rondo did was average 15 assists a game. I think that's why Shaq loves Rondo. I think Nash will average 15 assists per game in LA, but I'll bet Rondo will average more. Rondo doesn't have that stacked deck that Nash, and Williams, and Paul have cried and cried for, but he makes the most of the talents that are around him. I'm actually very enthusiastic about Green at this point, because if anyone can make Jeff Green a star, Rajon Rondo can.

I agree about picking up Wilcox too. And I think Dooling is a key pickup. This next year is going to be intense for Rondo. We need the Rondo Whisperer.

But man, if we can find a way to bring Josh Smith here, then Katy Bar the Door. You could put all the superstar whiners on one team and the Celtics would still beat them.
Reply Morena
10:18 AM on July 11, 2012 
It looks like most of the superstar whiners are already on the same team!!

Good read, both Paul and Shawn.
I agree that Dooling would be really really important!!
Reply paul
10:32 AM on July 11, 2012 
Morena says...
It looks like most of the superstar whiners are already on the same team!!

Good read, both Paul and Shawn.
I agree that Dooling would be really really important!!

It does seem that way, doesn't it? I guess they are stacked onto three or four teams, but they've merged into one team in my mind...