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Ray wish you the worst

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 7, 2012 at 1:55 AM

Words painted onto a wall, that can't be painted over. Tired of hearing people say "taking talents to" another annoying phrase that won't go away. Shaking hands messing up letters when thinking of Ray Allen putting on a Heat jersey. The note almost complete, when Celtics nation  collapses. All of us had a taste last night when the local news in Miami tweeted that Ray signed a three-year deal for 11 million. Maybe at that moment, I prepared myself for today's moment. Even so, it's hard to prepare yourself for any heartbreaking moment in life, and in sports.

The cold smiles and fake greetings of happiness upon faces of Hippocrates. We all knew, but we decided to wish for a different outcome. The picture of Ray with Pay Riley, and coach Spo spoke volumes of the situation. It seemed as if we were the old wife, and the Heat were the young girl, and Ray was having a mid-life crisis. Everyone seemed happy in their world where reality of emotions were twisted for false appearances which eluded everyone into believing in what they saw as happiness. With Ray's final decision to leave Boston. One must wonder, was it more than  Rondo? I guess the Big three were not strong enough. Was it Ainge? I blame Ainge  for a lot , and I don't hold back. But Ainge was saying sorry, Ainge was offering Ray a no trade clause, and that's a damn rarity in the NBA. It seemed like Ray was making Ainge sweat. But it turned out to be much more than that. 

It's hard to pick a favorite player on the Celtics. I love Rondo, but he wasn't my favorite. I chose Ray, because I thought he was underrated, and I felt like he was the ultimate worker. Always early, and the last one to go home.  I'm a sucker for that.  But I can't Ignore  the hatred of my heart, this fatal saga of life that flourishes by selfishness. Ray has given up his Celtic legacy. If Ray remained a Celtic. He would have had his number retired. He would have became one of the Celtic greats, but now he's become a ring chaser. He had built a legacy with his bro's, or that's what we thought. But Ray has always seemed like he was looking in on them. Like he was outside looking in.

Sweet Illusion know my name.  I had hoped to read something different this morning. Take a breath and run away. Never ending to pretending that this happened.  I want to escape the pain. Honestly, please come to me humbly. I am blind but I want to see the truth. I want to move past this. I don't want to forgive. What hurts the most is that Ray joined the enemy. A team that we need to hate. They copied the Celtics Big three, and they have beaten the Celtics two years running. The Celtics Big three were the good guys, and the Heat were the bad guys. The Heat are everything that is wrong with the world, and Ray joining  them is disgraceful. Many media types, and bloggers. Want to say thanks, but I'm nowhere near that. I'm still asking why?

 I want to make up a fairytale. Wish  me a last  goodbye. The story isn't different, when it's shown as a lie. It's more hurtful. And we'll always watch the moon and stars at night. Will remember Ray, and what he did here. It won't mean much now, and I can't take watching any Ray clips right now.


We can't keep running away from the things we can't control. Somewhere new becomes the oasis of what we want. We have a good roster, and despite the salary cap, and despite losing Ray. Will have a stronger Bradley, and will have Green back, and will have a guy in Terry who wants the bench role, and who will thrive in that role. Danny will look at some amnesty players, and hopefully we get a gem . Danny may work on a trade of some kind with the young folks on the team. Who knows. But in the end. I will move on, but I won't forget.

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Reply C'slife
5:41 AM on July 7, 2012 
Nice post, it's been awhile since I seen so much fire from you. I agree on everything, I also hate the phrase. Taking talents. Fucking stop with that already.
Reply paul
7:58 AM on July 7, 2012 
I love that picture. It says so much. Such a good piece of writing, Shawn. That picture says it all. The fake camaraderie is so obvious. Ray's not stupid. He knows this was really all about sticking it to Boston. It's not really about him, though he may yet turn out to be the perfect 3-machine for Miami. The whole thing really does seem like a mid-life crisis for Ray. He wants to be the young, feted, loved one again. Chants of MVP descending around Rondo will become a fact of life in Boston. Ray doesn't like the thought of that. In his mind, it was always about him. Why weren't there chants for him? He's like the guy who is mad that the ladies never liked him. It's understandable to feel that way, for sure, but it's such a mistake to let others manipulate whatever bitterness you feel in life. Riley is the master of manipulation. Watch that team boot Allen if things don't work out.

The sad thing is many of Rondo's greatest assists are to Ray. Who can EVER forget the no-look flip from the heart of the lane to Ray at ten oclock? Or the 360 around the back midair rope to Ray just a few months ago now. These guys made magic, and they could have continued to do so. Rondo had ultimate confidence in Ray, even though Allen seemed hellbent on humiliating Rondo at times in the middle of this season. Ten years from now, Ray Allen will remember those plays. He'll see them on Youtube forever.

We can forgive, but we don't need to forget. Ray gave us the freedom to become the team we need to become. Rondo's team. In the end, Ray just couldn't bring himself to accept that. He preferred to be a roleplayer on Lebron's team. It's sad, but it's a dynamic we see all the time in life.
Reply paul
8:13 AM on July 7, 2012 
As expected, the Talking Heads and Media Stooges are lining up to defend Allen. Well, I think Jarrett Jack got it about right.
Reply Morena
8:52 AM on July 7, 2012 
I can totally understand what Paul and Shawn wrote here.
It's a hard situation. And I agree with Jarrett Jack: Allen betrayed the Celtics.
The main thing is: we have to build around Rondo. If Mr Classy can't accept that,. i'm happy he's gone
Reply Franklin
11:17 AM on July 7, 2012 
What Ray did was selfish, even though the talking heads as you say it Paul, believe to praise him. I refuse to praise him. I can't recall a key Celtic in the history of the franchise leaving like this. Can anyone? Good piece Shawn!