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Celtics Morning Joe: Waiting like a girl going to the prom for Ray Allen

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 6, 2012 at 7:10 AM

What will you do if Ray leaves. Will you want to burn your Ray Allen jersey? Will you wish him luck. I would have the urge to sale my Ray Allen jersey's.Black clouds gather in the overcast of our minds. Just like a hurricane. The rising tides ever so high, seem to have a lasting effect on our minds. Ray will provide us with a lasting memory that stirs up hate, or we may forget, or forgive what he's put us through waiting for his decision. We know if Ray leaves, his number will more than likely not go up in the garden rafters. If Ray signs the three-year deal. Boston will be his longest stay in the NBA.

Last night news broke out, and many blogs reported that Ray Allen signed a 3 year deal for a 11 million dollars with the Heat. First of all that deal wasn't possible. I knew that when I viewed it on Twitter. They money didn't match, and the Heat can only offer 3 million per year. So they can only offer 9 million, compared to the Celtics 12 million. But when I saw the headline. It became real, it was a punch to the gut. I hope Ray is playing hardball, but in the process, he's killing Boston fans, and giving some ulcers.

But for a player that has earned $178 million in contracts over 16 NBA seasons, including $73.1 million over the last five seasons with the Celtics, money may not be an overwhelming factor in Allen's decision.

So what does a player entering the twilight of his career want most? A starting role? A chance at another title? Why can't Ray take the 6th man role? Offensively Ray could still start for the Celtics, but defensively he's become a problem. I hope we get Ray's big decision today. I hope Ray woke up in Miami, realizing that it would be a big mistake leaving his legacy behind in Boston. This team can win a title, the Celtics won't be favorites to win, but they will prove themselves. And Ray should be apart of it.


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Reply C'slife
8:10 AM on July 6, 2012 
I was full of rage when I saw the fake story, so I can only imagine if he actually does it.
Reply Celticslifer
8:12 AM on July 6, 2012 
I can't even imagine is mom wearing any other jersey. Can you? She's apart of the Garden, she seems to love Boston. Because I don't recall her going to the games when he was in Seattle.
Reply paul
9:26 AM on July 6, 2012 
I don't want to see Ray's number retired here if he leaves. What he is doing is against what the Celtics stand for. But I still BELIEVE that he is just sweating Ainge, though things really seem to have gone beyond that now. Maybe this started out as Ray sweating Ainge.

You made your point, Ray. Now please come back home. You know how much Boston fans want you to retire in a Celtics uniform. You know how we look forward to retiring your number the moment you retire. Please don't end this with an ugly divorce. And it will be ugly. You walk away from the sixth man role on our team and go straight to our rival? Yeah, Roger Clemens comes to mind, you better believe it.

Clemens will NEVER have the standing he could have had because of what he did. Red Sox fans want nothing to do with him. Yankee fans only pretend to respect him. Houston fans make an even more transparent show. It's a team sport, and no matter how good you are at what you do, team does matter.

A Ray Allen jersey bonfire would not be out of the question...!

On a side note, Tanguay is the busiest and most unpleasant twitterer in sports.
Reply Birdman33
10:29 AM on July 6, 2012 
If Ray leaves it will go down as one of the biggest Boston sports traitor moments.
Reply celticsz
2:05 PM on July 6, 2012 
Lebron #2? Will that be what is said?
Reply paul
2:42 PM on July 6, 2012 
Can you imagine Ray doing his own version of The Decision?