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State of the Celtics: Jamal Crawford, and OKC draft pick

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 26, 2012 at 6:45 PM

The Portland Trailblazers are fielding offers for guard Jamal Crawford and the Philadelphia 76ers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Boston Celtics are among the teams actively pursuing the scoring specialist intensely, a league source tells CSNNW.com.

I like the option off the bench, and honestly hey may give the Celtics more than Ray Allen. He's five years younger, and he can score anywhere on the court, but we would lose the best shooting player in the clutch. Craword for a cheap deal, Is okay by me.

C's Grab OKC's draft pick

The NBA has granted Boston a 2013 second-round pick from Oklahoma City in a dispute over Jeff Green's medical condition, sources confirmed to ESPN.

Yahoo! Sports had earlier reported the NBA's decision. The pick going to Boston is a pick the Thunder acquired from the Charlotte Bobcats in 2011 for Byron Mullens.

That's good news for the Celtics, considering the Bobcats set an NBA record for futility last season. Chances are, that pick is going to be in the low 30s overall.

The Celtics acquired Green in a 2011 trade that sent Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma City. The deal also sent Nenad Krstic and a first-round pick (No. 22 overall in Thursday's draft via the Clippers) to Boston and Nate Robinson to the Thunder.

Kristic and Robinson are no longer with the Celtics and Thunder, respectively.

The Celtics withdrew a one-year, $9 million contract offer to Green after he failed a physical due to a heart ailment. He missed the entire 2011-12 season and had surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm in January.

He is an unrestricted free agent and his agent, David Falk, told Sports Illustrated earlier this month that he's had exploratory talks with "12 to 14 teams" regarding Green.

I did find it odd that the Thunder didn't see anything wrong with Green prior to trading him to Boston.


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Reply paul
10:55 PM on June 26, 2012 
Jamal Crawford is our big move?
Reply dennee
11:44 PM on June 26, 2012 
paul says...
Jamal Crawford is our big move?

I don't see it either. What is it? Four teams in five seasons? Sounds like a chemistry buster to me .
Reply Franklin
12:26 AM on June 27, 2012 
Crawford, is just one move.
Reply GeeZeeCeltics
5:05 AM on June 27, 2012 
Surely not our big move. Jamal Crawford may be the patch that covers Ray Allen if he decides to leave. Still enough time before draft starts and the first deals have just started trickling in. We'll see a few rumors between now and the draft, I imagine.

Sidenote: did y'all hear about that fake rumor that circled Twitter that Danny had traded Rondo, #21 and #22 for Tyreke Evans and #5? My heart stopped for a second and I had to hold on not to fall off my chair but I soon enough realized the account was Chris Brousard with one s, making it a fake... I almost died back there!
Reply paul
7:13 AM on June 27, 2012 
Tyreke? That could be interesting. But when it comes to covering for Ray, we have Moore. We need to play the young ones, even if they aren't God's gift.

It's not going to be easy to replace what Ray would have given us off the bench if he weren't such a selfish, egotistical ringchaser. We need to give Moore a chance.
Reply paul
7:29 AM on June 27, 2012 
Bob Ryan, quite naturally, talks some nonsense about Ray Allen, in cahoots with other talking heads, at CSNNE. According to Ryan, we fans are bad if we harbor any bitterness towards Allen at this point. I find it amusing that all these talking heads tell us that we shouldn't expect any loyalty whatsoever from players towards teams, or from teams towards players. By amusing, I mean nauseating. Team sports is all about loyalty. That's why we call it TEAM sports. Loyalty is the beating heart of it, and everyone knows this. But talking heads talk like we are lobotomized and cannot sustain our focus on even basic truths, as long as they tell us difference. OF COURSE IT MATTERS TO RAY ALLEN'S LEGACY IF HE JUMPS SHIP NOW. This team needs him and has an important role for him and he knows it, and chances are, we can pay more than Miami. And there's no guarantee that his promised starting role in Miami will really last, or that they will win the gimme rings that Ray apparently assumes they will win. Granted, the appeal of Miami is clear. Allen can presumably sit on the perimeter all night, game after game, knocking down easy threes as defenses collapse around Lebron and Wade. If Bosh, Battier, Miller and Jones can do it, Allen can do it. But no, don't look for me to smile sweetly at the guy for walking out on us, and don't think for a moment that it won't affect his alltime standing amongst Celtics Greats. Key veterans transitioning to support roles is an important part of the Celtics tradition.

Also, I won't soon forget the subversion against Rondo that Allen seemed to be practising in the middle of last year, or the way he seemed unwilling to embrace the sixth man role, as if there were no history of that being a vital role.
Reply paul
7:32 AM on June 27, 2012 
I can't wait until Allen is gone at this point. The milk of sweetness has really soured since the season ended. What should have been a warm time, in which we all enjoyed the afterglow of a special season, soured quickly with hard nosed team and player attitudes. There hasn't been a lot of love. Ray appeared to be begging the Heat for a job not ten seconds after the season ended.

They say he will go into politics. I HAVE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT NOW. Oh yeah. Soul-less opportunist? He's perfect.
Reply GeeZeeCeltics
10:34 AM on June 27, 2012 
Before Ray is murdered, I just want to drop in that Ainge said Ray is open to coming back just now in his press conference. So there's that.
Reply paul
12:47 PM on June 27, 2012 
GeeZeeCeltics says...
Before Ray is murdered, I just want to drop in that Ainge said Ray is open to coming back just now in his press conference. So there's that.

Sorry if you don't like the fact that I don't like Allen.

As regards what Ainge says, first, even if it 's true, that pretty small beans isn't it? What we hear is that Allen is hot for Miami, but might be open to the Celtics. That's cute of Mr. Politician isn't it?

And Ainge is a liar. SO THERE'S THAT.

But you go ahead and worship Ainge and Allen. That's kewl if it's what you like. I just feel a bit different.
Reply jlil89
11:51 PM on June 27, 2012 
I won't lie, I will not like it if Ray goes to Miami. Just seems distasteful to me. I know it is his choice as a free agent, but come on. Please not our rival. That's low. Go to the Clippers or NY or Chicago, just please not Miami or LA.

I have faith that Ray will make the right decision. Guess we will see how that faith will hold up. I'm not judging until it is done.