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Fast starts a thing of the past with Allen in the starting unit?

Posted by shawn cassidy on April 4, 2012 at 10:00 AM

 Doc you manipulated,  and desecrated Bradley throughout this entire process. You turn him against himself  like  the enemy.  You should take the hurt from your decison, and make it right. Don't use your harmful self-infliction to weave a wonderful disguise. You break him. and make him hate himself, and not you. Maybe a bit too strong from my point of view, but if I'm upset. How do you think Bradley feels? How can we escape that the Celtics are 9-1 with Bradley as a starter? With Ray their under .500 as a basketball team.

Their are too many pros in starting Bradley. Sometimes your just handed something so powerful, and Bradley is that power. Bradley is in his second year. Okay, note taken. How many other players in NBA history have flurished in their second seasons? Are our  very own Rondo guided the big three in 2008 to a championship in his second season. Doc, and the Celtics had their doubts about Rondo then. So they brought in Cassell. Rondo out shined Cassell in the playoffs, and Cassell was hardly used if at all. The Celtics have started the games out like gang busters. They average 28 points in the first quarter. The Celtics are around 20 per first quarter with Allen.

Sometimes when you least expect it someone comes your way. That touches you invisibly with what they have to offer. They seem so familiar like you’ve known them your whole life, and they radiate around you. Kindred spirits is the way I look at Rondo, and Bradley. The energy around them  reaches their  souls. Easily they could spiral into each others  adventures. The Celtics had I help wanted sign up, and they got some help for Rondo. So many great things to pass up if you start Ray. Why does Bradley work? Ray has down graded the offense with his lack of screens he gets now, and the ticking of the shot clock the Celtics waste when looking for him on offense. The offense works, and flows better with Bradley for a few reasons. The Celtics already have enough outside threats in the starting unit. Bass, KG, and Pierce are already shooting from deep. With Bradley the Celtics can move the ball, and Bradley is cutting, and he's getting easy baskets. Bradley can also get to the rim, and he can attack with Rondo, and run the fastbreak.

Ray would add depth, and scoring for the Celtics coming off the bench. The Celtics need him off the bench. I just don't get it. It's perfectly natural for Ray to come off the bench at 36 years old. I have posted about this a few times in the past two weeks or so. I believe it can mess with the new look of this team, and sometimes as a coach you need to let go, and learn to change.

A team I mention often uses a 6th man. Manu has been in the starting unit off, and on. This season has been an odd season for Manu. But he's only played in 21 games, and he's only started in 7 of those games. Manu has played in 654 games, and he's started in 347 games over his career. Celtics fans have something to majorly complain about, and it's time to hold the coach accountable.

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Reply Franklin
10:25 AM on April 4, 2012 
It's so weird thinking that most of us want Bradley to start. This is no fluke by this kid. He's come out every game, and he's played his ass off. Hes a good free throw shooter. I didnt see that.
Reply Celticslifer
11:01 AM on April 4, 2012 
I worry about everything now with Ray back in the starting unit. Defense, offense, everything. Rondo more importantly.
Reply paul
2:39 PM on April 4, 2012 
Something magical happened. But now Doc has said no. This situation reminds me of earlier in the year, when Rondo showed signs of taking off, and Pierce seemed to go to Doc to complain,and Doc said no. No to the young ones. Sometimes that's right, but sometimes it's sad and wrong. This season, it's time to say yes to the young ones. Doctor No needs to turn into Doctor Yes.

The announcers made a good point about the Celtics in the Miami game. They said that the Celtics are running an inverted offense, where the Bigs are out at the top shooting long Js, and the smalls are attacking the basket. That seemed to work for us. But the balance changes with Allen.