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No thanks to Austin Rivers

Posted by shawn cassidy on March 30, 2012 at 1:30 AM

I tried to stay away from this, but I feel pretty strong about my stance on  Austin Rivers as a Celtic .I say no. Not always are life’s conflicts plain,and clear with everything laid out in the open. No strategies are  laid bare upon the table. The media can  still be a lying cheat through, and through. They'll occupy the mind manipulating the core of your soul. The feeble lost and blind through the landmines in your head. We need to know we need to see what's the plan? Because I feel  a little deceived, or unsure with the Celtics on the Austin Rivers story. 

I understand why this is a topic, but I don't like the timing, and I think the idea leaves me a little uneasy. A glimpse over my left shoulder there's gloomy clouds that are rolling in with a wrath unforgiving. A glance over my right shoulder the sun's blooming with everything so green my eyes can't take the beauty. The Celtics have two options here. You either move the Celtics along with Rondo which is the sunny alternative, or you draft Austin, and you cast a shadow over the Celtics. It's a conflict of intrest for the team. Doc will be put in a tough spot, and the Celtics need to pick one or the other.  We should be happy, and content with Rondo, and maybe Austin could be the best player avialable when the Celtics are up to make their pick. But they need to know going into the draft that Rivers is just not an option.


5. Are there any reasons to expect Austin Rivers in green next season?Davenport: I don’t think he’ll fall to the 16-19 range, after the improvements he started showing in the second half of his season and his historical pedigree. But if he makes it to the Celtics’ pick, I think they will and should take him. He’d add major value for this team as a shooting guard off the bench (SG looks like his natural NBA position because his ballhandling usually serves his scoring rather than his passing) and that’s a need position for this team…especially if they end up losing Ray Allen, which we’re hearing to be more and more likely.

Jackson: If you watched my pregame chat with Doc Rivers, you’d see that it almost seems like Doc is lobbying for it. I have deep reservations about both Austin as a player and as the son of his coach. I think that’s just asking for locker room disharmony.

Forsberg: Sure, but he’s probably not going to hang around long enough for it to be a consideration. With both of Boston’s first-round picks pegged in that 16-24 range, it’s hard to imagine no one will draft Austin off sheer potential and name-recognition before the Celtics are even close to being on the clock. What’s more, I can’t imagine Boston bundling its picks to move up and take him — it would just look odd given the bloodlines. That said, if Austin slides to when Boston picks, he’s going to be a super intriguing option and the Celtics can’t sneeze at an offensive-minded guard with that much potential.

Robb: Nope. It’s fun to think about Rivers providing the kind of instant offense the C’s will need, but there are too many complicating factors involved to create a scenario where this makes sense for everyone involved.

CelticsHub Reader Chris Thurlow: No – we have a backcourt. We need young size. Badly.


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Reply Franklin
5:07 AM on March 30, 2012 
Just say no! It would be a big mistake. It would only hurt the Celtics.
Reply paul
9:15 AM on March 30, 2012 
I think you put it perfectly, Shawn. This Rivers thing has been a shadow over the team for a long time now, at least since Doc's re-signing, and I think from before that. It begins with Doc admittedly last year and this year being a kind of part-time coach, rushing off to see his son play. I wouldn't even mind that, if it weren't that he seems unwilling to delegate to powerful assistants, but seems to prefer assistants that are under his thumb.

And then there is the screaming nepotism on this team. In a way, I could see how Rivers might fit in. He could be a shooting guard to complement Rondo, and Bradley can back up both positions. But what would we have to give up to get him? And what about Allen? And Pietrus? I'm not saying absolutely don't get him, but this creepy feeling that there's been some kind of plot afoot to unite him and Doc is just... creepy. It's great to say that the team is family, but let's not be literal about it.

And too, it reeks a bit of the Dwight Howard madness. Do we really have to keep building our future around sentimentalized pipe dreams?
Reply paul
9:16 AM on March 30, 2012 
I guess I would just say that the primary consideration at this point should be who will go best around Rondo?
Reply Franklin
10:48 AM on March 30, 2012 
paul says...
I guess I would just say that the primary consideration at this point should be who will go best around Rondo?

I think a big man will be the best bet. I like having Bradley start with Rondo next season.
Reply Celticslifer
10:59 AM on March 30, 2012 
I see how if Rivers is the best option for the Celtics at their pick they would want him, but you need to think of the locker room also. If it will hurt the team, despite talent. You need to think of the group.
Reply paul
1:49 PM on March 30, 2012 
speaking of Big Men, I wonder if Al Jefferson is wanting to come back to Boston?