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Celtics Morning Joe: Pierce needs to accept, and hand the team over

Posted by shawn cassidy on March 18, 2012 at 7:30 AM

Finding the words could be hard, but for me this will be a tough column. The balance of the team is hard to discuss, because you have a group of fans who love Pierce, and I do to. Then their is a group who want to see Rondo take the team over which I favor the most. The power struggle is obvious at times, and last night it was  noticeable. Pierce was dealing with foul trouble, and the Celtics were down back, and forth 12-15 points give or take. Once Pierce hit the bench with 5 fouls, the line-up Doc put with Rondo went on runs, and they helped  the C's  stay in striking distance of winning the game.

Too much of a good thing may be bad. As the old cliche' goes.So always do things in moderation. Pierce should be used in the Celtics offense in moderation. He's still a great offensive player, but he's unable to carry a team every game. Pierce will rise, and have great games. But to keep Pierce as the foucs could be costly. Pierce is turning the ball over more than any season during the big three era. Piror to the big three era,  Pierce averaged over 3 turnovers a game.

It’s so easy for us to criticize others for what they do. I think we all are guilty don’t you feel this is true? The way folks lead their lives. The way they raise their kids. But we can’t see the real truth. So we need to accept instead. Acceptance is key for Pierce in this circle of life in the NBA.

Of all the lessons learned in life.Acceptance is the costliest Mankind has had to learn.The price is often self-esteem, and life must yield as well.Though bitter is defeat, recovery sure is sweeter. The sooner it's complete for Pierce, and acceptance of each circumstance, The hardest thing to realize. When all is said and done is  accepting losses in ones life.  Sometimes the greatest victory is learning to endure.If Pierce can relinquish his hold on the offense. I feel comfortable in Rondo.  Rajon has proven over time that he is the right offensive option. I have speaking to this for months, and in fact for much of the season. I think the time will come, but it could be at a cost. Will never understand the mind of an NBA player, and their ego.

But something came to me like a dream. I thought about teams dealing with the changing of the guard so to speak. One that happened recently with epic drama was the Kobe, and Shaq fued. In 2004 after the Finals it was the end of the era, as the Lakers traded Shaq to Miami. The Lakers wanted to move on, and they picked to hand the team over to Kobe, and they knew Kobe was becoming a great player, and Shaq was simply fading into a player leaving his prime behind. Shaq was still a great player, but Kobe was ready to explode on the scene. I'm not asking, or saying the Celtics should deal Pierce. Of course that ship has sailed. But Pierce needs to look within himself to learn from the past. The team is already going through enough as it is. So the power tug-of-war doesn't help matters for this club.

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Reply paul
8:43 AM on March 18, 2012 
It appears that Rondo has accepted that for there to be peace on the team, he has to be the one showing acceptance, accepting his marginal role. But what's frustrating is that the team gets in a hole and then it's time to call on Super Rondo. Fans start calling for Rondo to 'take over'.

I actually think that Pierce would have an easier time scoring if Rondo in attack mode was featured more.
Reply Franklin
12:54 PM on March 18, 2012 
Pierce would have an easier time, if Rondo attacks. Take that stat junkies.
Reply Celticslifer
1:48 PM on March 18, 2012 
I still think playoff time this team will be ready for battles. It may be blind faith that the Celtics will recapture the magic of 2010, but Rondo is playing great basketball.
Reply paul
2:02 PM on March 18, 2012 
We still may surprise the skeptics...
Reply Denny
10:57 AM on March 19, 2012 
Here is some food for thought. Doc has repeatedly said it is Rondo's team, yet Pierce is still the Captain which says to me (and probably Rondo) that it is still Pierce's team. As proof, look at the difference in Rondo's play in the first 3 games while Pierce was hurt and the games since.
A more recent stark example, look at the difference in Rondo's play in the Denver game in the 10 minutes or so that ALL of the Big 3 were on the bench. He was a completely different player from what he was before or after that stretch. I believe it speaks volumes.