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What are Celtic fans thinking: Ainge would be ran out of town if he trades Rondo

Posted by shawn cassidy on March 6, 2012 at 1:15 AM

After every game, we scan other Celtic sites for fans comments.

greenbeand add rondo to the mvp talk. he's not a front runner, but his numbers look gawdy good. ainge would have been lynched for trading rondo.

If the Celtics have a major run, and Rondo keeps this up why not league MVP? It would have to be an epic run though. The 8 game west coast road trip could mean so much, and it could tell us how good they will be come playoff time.

BostonRocksU Carmelo is NO KOBE! And I'm a Boston fan! Heck Carmelo is no Paul Pierce! PP has more heart and brains in his pinky than Melo has in his whole body.

I would say Melo has the better offensive game, but Pierce has mental tougness, and focus, and overall game.

Kansachusetts Couldn't someone ever point out that when Pierce saves the day it is usually after he has committed a couple of truly egregious turnovers that got them into a desperate position in the first place?  He's got to stop doing that spin at the top of the key. He can't handle the ball anymore under pressure.  

 But good for him to come through when he did.

This is when I dislike what Pierce brings sometimes. He can get ahead of himself, and he wants to do it himself.. That's when the Celtics lose games. Just like game four in the Heat series last season. Pierce made some crucial mistakes, and I point those earlier today.

piroga84 I wonder...In the 80s, these Rondo nights, would be considered legendary, along with Isiah and Magic. Today with these defenses, what Rondo does, is just exceptional. He is underrated. No Rose does this, no Wade, no D-Will, no Paul, not even James!

Yes Rondo doesn't score as much as Rose,Paul, and others. But he's showed us this season he can score if he needs to, with a few 30 point games under his belt. I think we forget that Rondo is a world champion point guard. He knows what it takes to win a title. No he wasn't the main reason in 2008, but without him do the Celtics beat the Lakers in the finals? Rondo was out his mind good then, and he became this greay player today.

GF8585 Rondo Is gonna get traded by march 15 or after the season. Lakers and golden state would be great for him. Tonight shows you Rondo has evoled this season and ready for the mid -season push Boston needs to trade for a center and sorry to say but ray allen trade value is high and the clippers could use him badly.

I'm not sure if this guy is a Celics fan, or if he knows basketball.

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Reply jlil89
3:00 AM on March 6, 2012 
Lawl at GF8585. What an idiot...
Reply paul
6:37 AM on March 6, 2012 
I agree, Shawn. Rondo will be an MVP candidate if he keeps playing this way, and the Celtics keep winning.

About Carmelo, it was nice to see him give Rondo a big hug after the game. That was very classy. Got to respect that.

I don't mind so much that Pierce makes crucial mistakes, because just trying to step up in the crunch takes a lot of guts. Rondo showed that too on Sunday, and for me, it was the best thing about his game. But what I hate is that fans tear Rondo's head off for his mistakes, and they typically barely notice Pierce's mistakes. Let's not have this relentless double standard.

Yeah, please, why can't fans STOP talking about trading off our core guys? Synergy on the team is worth more than a new center.
Reply jlil89
2:22 PM on March 6, 2012 
Have they not been noticing how well Garnett is doing at the 5? This new rotation we are working really is doing quite well. Very quick and full of synergy. Plus Steamsma seems to be figure things our more game by game. Just need his foul trouble to stay in check.