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What are Celtic fans thinking: Who wants the 8th seed?

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 29, 2012 at 4:25 AM

CelticJay1 Pierce needs to wake up. If he is injured.... sit the F down. If he can't deal with relinquishing control of the offense (and the team) to Rondo... sit the F down. I really dislike watching veterans play haphazard defense with their hands, and get beaten off the dribble. Something is bothering Pierce and it is rubbing off on the team. What happened to the agressive, scrappy All-Star we knew? I have a hard time he got old in 3 weeks. If this guy has a problem with helping Rondo grow as the leader of the Celtics.... he needs to be traded - because that's what you call a Cancer. Wake up Pierce, the fans are not stupid.

This guy gets it. Plain, and simple. Pierce doesn't seem right, and I would agree to that. Does he need to sit? Or is he fine, and he's just lost out there in the offense. Either way Paul does need to wake up!

mealbert35 Suddenly there seems to be a disconnect between Pierce and Rondo. Something troubling that hope can be righted. It won't get any easier. Just looked up schedule. After 4 home games (w/back to back, 1 at Philly thrown in) then brutal road trip (8 games) coming up.  

Heard Beasley to Lakers. Ray for Beasley ridiculous - but then Ainge has been ridiculous before

It's becoming very obvious out there. Pierce, and Rondo are not fitting in well this season. The talent is here folks, but I truly believe this season has been about Rondo, and Pierce. Who's the leader?

NJingles3 Healthy and rested, can barely beat Cleveland. Getting swept out of the playoffs with only the 15th pick to show for it will absolutely suck.

I know how he feels, but some teams just know how to play certain teams well. The Cavs can play the Celtics great.

Andreas24x7 said... I'm starting to think Rajon needs a change of scenery for his own good. He looks uninspired out there, too confident and playing like he has nothing to prove. He might need a challenge, a new offense and a new coach that will put a shoe up his ass.

You kind of had me until you said a shoe up his ass. Because Doc needs a foot up his ass. He needs to pull Paul aside, and tell him hey Paul. Rondo's the guy, he's in his prime, and he's the best player on our team.

The fans are in a divide right now. Some think Rondo is the blame, and some think Pierce.  The majority  think Rondo is a crap sandwhich, and I can't disagree more.

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Reply paul
7:35 AM on February 29, 2012 
Wow! Celtic Jay telling the Truth!

I think Pierce just wants Rondo gone. As I see it, the patterns of play speak for themselves. Rondo's play is up and down. That is consistent with someone who is unclear about their role, who is responding to mixed signals. Pierce, however, seems to tank when Rondo plays well, and seems to rise to the occasion when Rondo isn't there.
Reply paul
7:52 AM on February 29, 2012 
Bradley pulled Rondo out of the soup last night, in the third quarter, but that is what a top bench guy is supposed to do. Sometimes the starters NEED a boost off the bench. And let's not forget that it was Bradley that helped put us in the soup in the first half, after Rondo had helped get us a big lead.

But many fans are so blind about Rondo. They can never see the good, only the bad. One fan declared that Rondo was horrendous last night, but Pierce played "decent". Wait, which of the two had 11 assists? Which of the two had no turnovers in the second half, and which of the two went on a TO binge in the second half that helped scuttle us?

In the end, both Pierce and Rondo redeemed themselves with big plays down the stretch. But fans didn't see that either, when it came to Rondo. It was Rondo who made the big steal that won the game, but fans somehow didn't 'see' that. They see what they expect to see, and their determination to scapegoat Rondo is set in stone, for many of them.

Meanwhile Danny laughs and laughs and laughs. He is the puppetmaster who has really caused all this disaster. As Simmons said, though Simmons was 'only joking', it was Ainge who killed ubuntu, and it's the players who are struggling to deal with that situation.
Reply paul
8:10 AM on February 29, 2012 
Wow. A few thinking fans are starting to show up, perhaps ticked off by the endless crap stream against Rondo. From Celtics Blog:

"Rondo is not overrated
how can someone be overrated when every time someone talks about him its along the lines of he?s crap, trade him, blah blah blah blah. There are players on this team who need to be traded before Rondo.

I think a better question is who will be the next scapegoat if Rondo gets traded? "


"Anybody have any suggestions for the perfect point guard we're all looking for?
Take Steve Nash + R.Rondo + A.Bradley and combine them into one person for the perfect point guard, who can pass accurately and consistently, shoot the lights out from anywhere whenever needed and defend like a demon from one end of the court to the other and is just at the beginning of his career.

Isn?t that all we?re looking for?"


Man, it's good to see that it's not all darkness out there.
Reply Franklin
10:40 AM on February 29, 2012 
Yeah, some fans understand basketball. They can't let go of Pierce as fans. They can't leave him alone in the fact he doesn't have the same game, and he's trying to hard to do so. Rondo has been forced to step back. Good fans out there. Makes me feel good!
Reply celts
12:36 PM on February 29, 2012 
Its about time pierce gets some blame and it doesn't all fall on rondo which is weird cuz he wasnt fantastic until the closing minutes of the game and the first quarter, but its payback for everytime hes been great and hes been blamed for it.