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A bonding moment for Pierce, and Rondo?

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 25, 2012 at 10:15 AM

  A mother looked into the eyes of her new born baby.She smiled as she cried at the happiness it gave. Sometimes it's a camping trip, or maybe you go to a baseball game, but bonding is apart of life, it could be between father, and son, or brother, and sister. Bonding can be something, as the rose is joined for life to its stem, Is fed from its root, blazing colour to, all who would look, the bond that is sending. Such beauty into my life is with unity.

Bonding comes in many forms, and for Rondo, and Pierce they have time together this all-star weekend. As it's the first year since 2007 that their are not three Celtics in an all-star game. This season both players, haven't found their stride, or game with each other. So far they have been disconnected, and it shows on the court, with every missed step.

Precisely one gets bonded, with the weak and the deprived. The marginalized, and the disadvantaged, and those challenged about everything, that are not there.The conversations give them the feeling that you are one of them. In fact, you are one of them, less the jersey and the kicks that they gave you. Moments in time, can bond two people, and that bond lasts a lifetime.

I'm growing tired and weary,of the old routine with the Celtics, but are they  falling into obscurity? Emotions flailing in melancholy, as it succumbs to atrophy.For those who love good music, kidding of course, but here are some lyrics from Sonic Youth's sond disconnection notice:

Did you get your disconnection notice?

Mine came in the mail today

They seem to think I'm disconnected

Don't think I know what to read or write or say

Glossaries injected daily

Words and numbers spell out the price to pay

It simply states "you're disconnected baby"

See how easily it all slips away

Doesn't it slip away easily? Both Pierce, and Rondo have been connected since Rondo's first season in the NBA, and with the Celtics. But why does is seem like their thoughts flutter in boundless anxiety? Something that once was so connected, is disconnected. The reason I see disconnect? The leader of this team for over 14 seasons hasn't been able to let go. In past Celtics era's letting go hasn't been hard. Bird let Lewis take over, and Cownes let Bird take over, Havlicek let Cowens take over, although Cowens was a KG type where he didn't need to grab 25 points a game. He was league MVP, because he was a magical, gifted player who was great because of the energy he created, and that energy was enough to carry a team. Before Cowens, it was Russell,who gave the team to Havlicek, and Cousy gave the team to Russell. It could go on, and on.

Rondo, is in his prime, and the lucky part is that he can pass the ball better than anyone in the league. You get to a spot, he will find you. I understand letting go is hard, and maybe it will take some bumps, and some road blocks that will hault the handing over the tourch. Pierce worked well with Walker as a duo. The same effort can be applied to the realtionship between Rajon and Paul. Pierce changed his game in 2008 when the Celtics won a title, and with the calendar hitting 2012. Pierce must realize what must be done. Maybe it's not Pierce at all, maybe it's Doc? Not allowing Pierce to step back, and let Rondo run this team.

 But ogether you and Rondo can touch rainbows if you try. Together you and Rondo can make the moon smile.Together you and Rondo make heaven seem like a mile. Together you and Rondo can make the rain fall.Because your  love of the game is  very special, and Together you could have it all.


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Reply Franklin
11:23 AM on February 25, 2012 
Awesome post SHAWN . This weekend can mean more than, getting a all-star nod, but they can latch onto each other this weekend, at least I hope. Good one man
Reply jlil89
12:25 PM on February 25, 2012 
Pierce should name Rondo co captain publicly! That would be epic! Those words would erase the tension and make Rondo loved by his team and fans everywhere!
Reply paul
7:10 PM on February 25, 2012 
Yes, make Rondo co-captain. No better way to say he's here to stay.