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What are Celtic fans thinking: Fans want change

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 21, 2012 at 11:45 AM

After every game we scan all the Celtic sites, and we discuss what  the fans are  thinking.

noobshoehead19 PLEASE CELTICS IM BEGGING YOU. GET RID OF JO. WAIVE/TRADE. WHATEVER it takes. please get an athletic big man for REBOUNDS and help defense. thats all. JO is killing us. super slow AF. wow.  

i dont know whats on danny's mind but please JO. is killing us

I would like to see JO used off the bench, and maybe that isn't good enough for us to compete. Danny will have to get lucky if he gets a big from the waiver wire, because a trade could be hard for him.

 18BostonD18 should never had traded marshon brooks to the nets for johnson ...dont get me wrong i like johnson but brooks is what we needed (a solid scorer who can create off the dribble) trade ainge for some minor league prospects...lol... his decision making is lack luster and was lucky to get kg and ray who everyone wanted or would have been driven out of town long ago. best deal would be trade peirce and bradley for josh smith or rudy gay, keep ray and kg and they will take less next year to stick around

I know Marshon is having a good season, but Johnso could out shine him later on, and Brooks is playing on the Nets, he's getting plaing time. Johnson sees time when their is an injury so you won't get an impact from him. I agree that Ainge struck some luck, but trading Pierce, and Bradley for Gay, or Smith is not the answer.

boston-sports-fan84 I disagree with a lot that I have read below. I feel like the Celtics need to trade the core guys and start over. Hear me out; trade Rondo first. his maturity issues are holding both him and the C's back and I dont know if he'll ever have a consistent jump shot. You can get a few solid guys for him. Trade Garnett and Allen for some solid prospect. Garnett has been the soul but he is past his days of being a truly solid contributor and Ray Allen may have some value as well. He is old but a contender could sure use him. Pierce should stay because he has been Mr. Celtic since Bird retired and he is still capable of great games. Having said all of those things, those trades may be wishful thinking and we have seen what Ainge like to get in trades....... Nenad (bad comb-over ) Kristic.

This guy watches basketball right? Nobody wants KG for 20 million a year, and Ray Allen for 10 million. Rondo is the only bait the Celtics have, and he shouldn't be. I would maybe be saying blow this thing up if KG,and Ray had two more years on their deals, but one more season,and one more go, what's the crime in that? Especially when you have a ton of money this summer. If the Celtics trade Rondo, expect another drought for the Celtics.


If I were Ownership/GM: 


- No major moves at the trade deadline 

- Bench Jermaine O'neal (10-12 in the rotation) 

- Move KG to the 6th Man, start Bass with Wilcox at the 5 - our starting 5 needs to be athletic. 

- JaJuan Johnson needs to play at least 20-25 minutes/game, no excuses! 

- E'Twaun Moore & Avery Bradley need to play regular minutes... forget this Doghouse BS 

- Air France has to STOP shooting only 3ptrs and start DRIVING to the RIM! 


- We have 4 picks in the top 50 this Summer... don't trade those away! 


- Offer KG, & Ray reduced contract extensions with reduced roles. $6-8M/yr if they say no.... cut ties! Cut Ties with JO. 


- Use the $50-60Million Cap Room and offer MAX deals to Howard, Hibbert & Gerald Wallace. 

- Offer Jeff Green $5 Million + Incentives if he passes the physical. 

- Offer Serge Ibaka the Full MLE


I don't think the Celtics should bench KG, but maybe Ray Allen? I like some of what he says, I'm happy he doesn't ask for a trade, and I'm happy he understands this summer, and what the Celtics can do.

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Reply jlil89
2:28 PM on February 21, 2012 
It does seem like the right time for Rayray to hit the bench. I know he may not like it but he would go hard coming off in spurts from the bench. Pietrus just makes a better defender and rebounder than Allen these days.
Reply paul
2:39 PM on February 21, 2012 
Ideally, we keep the Big Three and sign them to team friendly deals this summer. I'm fine with the Big Three starting, but we need the young guys subbing in and out more fluidly. We have to be an ENERGY team. That has to mean subbing in and out a lot.