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Rondo is who he is

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 13, 2012 at 5:25 AM

He may be six kinds of a liar. Ainge has not verbally taken Rondo off the trading block.In a relationship loyalty brings you close. The faith you show, when beside you pose..Just one false step of treacherous mind,Cracks apart relationsips of every kind..

 Rondo has been walking in the shadow of fear drowning endlessly by a single tear running along side of self-discovery fearing the loss of self- recovery parts of mind going unknown dangerous sides going unshown. 

Don't resist Rodno, and his great gift. Be flexible, don't be rigid. Be supple.Welcome change! Each change has  an illumining opportunity. To knock at the door off, of fulfilling progress.

No one can know the potential, real potential of Rondo. Of a life that is committed to win at all costs. Giving his body after its been broken. With courage - the challenge he  faces. To achieve great success in the end is all that matters to Rondo.So, explore the Dimension of Greatness, Rondo is there.And believe that the world CAN be won. By a mind that is fully committed like Rondo's. Kowing the task can be done. Your world has no place for the skeptic anymore Rondo.

ESPN Boston


"Nine [Rondo] was edgy today, man. I loved it," Garnett said. "I love the fact that he came out and he set the tone. And I thought he got guys involved and he was all over the place. When we win big, man, it’s because the little fella is aggressive like that. I told him after tonight’s game that I was proud of him. He had a bit of a rough day or whatever, but he played through it, he was professional, and I thought he came out and played with that edge. Any time he’s got that, that makes everybody’s job easier."

Reporters waited patiently for both Rondo and Garnett following Sunday's win, but 75 minutes after the final buzzer, the media was informed that Rondo would not be talking. Without his voice, we're left to analyze what Garnett and coach Doc Rivers said about his effort.

Near the end of his brief chat with reporters, Garnett was asked if he had said Rondo had a "bad" day. He laughed it off noting, "No, 32-15-10 is not a bad day. I wish I had a bad day." When a reporter followed up by asking if he said "rough" day, Garnett offered his trademark, "Y'all take it easy" and departed.

Earlier in the interview, Garnett said Rivers had put the team through a film session Sunday on the heels of Friday's lifeless loss in Toronto, and one can't help but wonder if Rondo was a focal point of that session. (Garnett noted that film is "always humbling.") Rivers admitted after the game that he resorted to old film to stress what the Celtics had done well in the past -- and what they hadn't been doing recently.

Chief among that was pushing the pace. Rivers was adamant he wanted the entire team running the floor and that starts with the point guard position.

Rondo was aggressive from the opening tip, putting up nine shots in the opening quarter while scoring 11 points in the frame, helping Boston established an early 11-point cushion. (Boston never trailed, but Chicago wouldn't go away quietly.)

Rondo's aggressiveness also resulted in 10-of-13 shooting at the free throw line. Asked if Rondo was extra motivated on Sunday, Rivers shrugged off the question.

“Oh, I don’t know," he said. "I’m going to let you guys be that deep. I wish I could get in someone’s head that deep. I just think he wanted to win. And I thought we played at a better pace today. You could see it. We were trying to run today. And that’s how we have to play. [If] we didn’t turn the ball over, we would have had far more points. But I just liked our pace and that’s all we talked about after the game in Toronto and today in our morning walkthrough, was enough of the walking.

"And it was not Rondo, it’s the team. The bigs have to run the floor. Paul [Pierce] and Ray [Allen] have to run the floor. And it does a lot of things -- we get early posts from our bigs, we get jump shots from the break, and we get Rondo in the open court. And when you walk, it’s easy to guard."

Pushing the rest of us over the hard parts, the hard thoughts of why Rondo is who he is.So he  can  reclaim his  rightful spot as team leader, or best player. A place for us to value his worth to the team. Rondo had a look in his eye that would make you cry for mercy. He wanted to beat the Bulls. It didn't matter who was on the court. I think we forget about Rondo's rise, and we fault him for his demise. One thing that holds true. Rondo is a champion, and in the NBA that's all you need to live on. Rondo had amazing plays, and he was the talk of the city yesterday, but make no mistake about it. Rondo doesn't want your approval, and he doesn't lust for anyones attention. He is Rondo, and he's simply here to play basketball.

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Reply paul
9:45 AM on February 13, 2012 
Beautiful piece, Shawn, prose poetry.

Celts says in a comment that Magic Johnson called out the Big Three yesterday, if I got it right, to finally really acknowledge Rondo as the team's leader, to start thinking in terms of the role they can play. I agree with that. Rondo has sacrificed himself to be the role player supporting them. Now it's time for them to return the favor.

I was disturbed yesterday that there was so much talk about how this was all due to the transition game. Sure, that's important, but it's only part of it. We need Rondo to attack in the half court too.
Reply Franklin
11:05 AM on February 13, 2012 
I agree great piece. Rondo attacked, and it wasn't always in transition. It may have looked that way, but Rondo was hitting jumpers like it was nothing.
Reply Celticslifer
11:32 AM on February 13, 2012 
Right on, Rondo doesn't need to care what we think. Why should he. He will shut us up anyways after he pulls of another triple-double.
Reply paul
11:44 AM on February 13, 2012 
Franklin says...
I agree great piece. Rondo attacked, and it wasn't always in transition. It may have looked that way, but Rondo was hitting jumpers like it was nothing.

Calipari wasn't lying, was he?
Reply paul
11:44 AM on February 13, 2012 
Celticslifer says...
Right on, Rondo doesn't need to care what we think. Why should he. He will shut us up anyways after he pulls of another triple-double.

I love it when Rondo leaves us speechless, in a good way//1