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Garnett to aggressive in Lakers loss?

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 10, 2012 at 2:20 AM

During a point in last nights game I was thinking, Wow! Garnett is really being aggressive. He was diving for every loose ball that would come his way, and my heart would jump out of my chest on each 50/50 play Garnett won over the Lakers. Than I looked at the box score during the third quarter, and I realized KG was having an awful shooting game.I only have one feeling that seems to sum up last night  game for  me as a fan.

Anger is bubbling away at me.Burning a whole in my heart. Making me burn with rage, I have good reason to be angry. The Lakers beat my beloved C's. I don't have any anger towards KG. He wanted to win last night despite KG  shooting 6/23 last night.

Two of Garnett's long misses came in overtime with a chance for Boston to surge ahead in the final minute.

"[The high shot count is] fine at times, if it’s the right spots," said Rivers. "I’ll give him 40 shots on the elbows, short-corner, in the post. Most of them [Thursday] were not just jump shots, they were long jump shots."

Said Garnett: "We've got to be a lot more aggressive to the basket. I thought a lot of the things they were giving us were the 15-, 16-footers."

KG should have tried to take the ball down low, but that just doesn't happen. I do believe his shot selection was not something to sit back, and clap your hands about.

Buried beneath the green the Celtics  long for but never see, the Celtics bet on a barren future that belies a rich past. Despite the poor shooting. I would like to see this KG all the time. The loss feels like a kick in the groin,  but hopefully the Celtics can move on. Garnett continues to  look sharp on defense, and it keeps me hopeful this season.

"In the game, you're reacting, you're not doing too much thinking," he said. "I know myself, I probably rushed a couple things, but I was more than hyped. I should have calmed down. I should have went to a more meditative state, did some yoga on the side or something."


 Garnett made only 2-of-12 shots beyond 14 feet were he normally hits,  but his typically engaged  mid-range game abandoning him when he needed it most. The Celtics have often encouraged Garnett to be more selfish with the ball, and that's what they got tonight, but in a loss. KG has been hot in the past couple of games, but last night his shot was gone like Lebron's hair in a year or two.


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Reply paul
9:49 AM on February 10, 2012 
Kevin Garnett is a fading all-time great who is still giving us far, far more than we could realistically hope for. Is he a terror in the paint? No. He's an old guy still giving us a helluva lot. Ditto for Jermaine, in his own way. Even Paul and Ray are basically old guys still giving us a lot. And we have a bevy of young guys giving us more than we expected. From Brandon Bass, to Wilcox, to Pietrus, to Bradley and Moore, and even JJJ lately, and Stiemsma earlier in the season, we have a squad of young'uns who are giving us more than we had any real reason to hope for.

So who haven't I mentioned? Yes. Maybe it's tiring that I mention Rondo so much, but apart from me being a big fan of the guy, he is the key to this team. He is the hinge between the old and the young. He is the engine and the floor general. He contributes on so many levels. He gives us tough one on one against the other team's floor general. He gives a free safety who disrupts the other team's offense, influencing countless plays each game. He is the one-man fast break who gives an OLD OLD OLD team a real transition game. He is the rim attacker who gives a team with a weak interior an ability to attack the paint. He is a rebounder. He is the floor general who controls the pace, finds the open man, surprises the opposition with unexpected passes, and who now can hit the J finally. He, along with Paul Pierce, is the creator who can make things happen when the formal play breaks down.

Rondo, when he is focused and energized, may affect more aspects of the game than any other player in the NBA. He is our key. AND THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR HIM CONTINUING TO LET HIMSELF BE TAKEN OUT OF THE GAME, whether it is by Doc telling him to set up Paul and Ray Ray and step aside, or by the other team playing the Rondo Sag and daring him to make them pay, or by his own laziness. Rondo needs to step to the back of the bench and stay there if he is going to tune out as he did last night for most of the last third of the game. It was all the more frustrating last night because it was his aggressive play that gave us a nice lead halfway through the third quarter.

As a fan, I can't take much more of this. I'm so tired of the Rondo disappearing act. I know no one can play 100% all out all game, every game. But our best player simply cannot let the other team take him out of the game. If Rondo isn't deferring to his own teammates, he's deferring to that notorious sag defense. The formula is simple. When Rondo is aggressive, we thrive. When he's not, we dive. Maybe he needs to play in shorter stints with quick breathers. Whatever it takes. Fourth on the team in shots last night? That won't cut it. No freethrows? That definitely won't cut it. Notice that lately, and this goes back to before the injury, he's TYPICALLY fourth or fifth in shots with few free throws. And above all, being taken out of the game by the Rondo Sag won't cut it.

I don't know what the problem is. I'm just sick of it.
Reply Franklin
12:13 PM on February 10, 2012 
Sick of it to Paul. I think Rondo has his teammates working at max level, but he's not all the time. I am so confused about everything he does. But when hes on I am in love with him.
Reply CelticsRondo9
1:09 PM on February 10, 2012 
New here, but are we being hard on Rondo? I don't think so. He needs to show us something more than last night. Not for us fans, but for himself.
Reply paul
1:20 PM on February 10, 2012 
Franklin says...
Sick of it to Paul. I think Rondo has his teammates working at max level, but he's not all the time. I am so confused about everything he does. But when hes on I am in love with him.

That's what is upsetting me so much, Franklin. When Rondo is on, I love his game. It inspires me. I wish I could just not care about the guy, but then I remember how great it is when he is on.
Reply paul
1:21 PM on February 10, 2012 
CelticsRondo9 says...
New here, but are we being hard on Rondo? I don't think so. He needs to show us something more than last night. Not for us fans, but for himself.

I don't think so either. The thing is, we care about Rondo. We love his game. But we can't have the consistent passion for him. If he doesn't feel the fire in his gut, then he just doesn't.