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The Celtics bigs, and their magic number

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 22, 2012 at 11:35 PM

The Celtics offense has a lot of flaws right now. Doc has been working on getting Pierce into game shape, and Rondo has taken a  back seat like a little brother losing out to his big brother for the front seat in your dads car. The Celtics had their best offensive game of the season I felt in game one of the season. They scored 104 for the game, and Rondo scored 31 of those points, and he dished out 13 assists. Ray added 20, and Bass added 20. KG also put in 15 points for the C's. Pierce sat out Christmas day. Even though the Celtics lost in New York the Celtics had something going in that game. I have found one key stat in the Celtics offense. 


The Celtics front court trio of KG/JO/Bass scored 41 points in the first loss of the season. The Celtics are 5-1 when the Celtics front court trio scores more than 35 points a game. The other win of the season for the Celtics, the front court scored 31, but the Celtics also destroyed the Nets 89-70 in that game, and  KG, and JO played under 26 minutes in that game. 


In the six games the Celtics won the trio averages 37 for the game. In the 9 losses the trio averages 27 a game. The offense needs the bigs for the Celtics to win, but when Rondo is going to the hole, and when he has control that opens up the paint, and the court for the bigs.So yeah Rondo is still the key.

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Reply paul
12:46 AM on January 23, 2012 
It just seems to me that it's so darned obvious now that when Rondo goes on the attack, he attracts defenders much the same way that Bobby Orr used to do. Ever see those old videos of Orr where he attacks the net and next thing you know four guys are draped all over him. THAT'S why guys like Esposito and Johnny Bucyk found themselves scoring 50 goals. Rondo has that same affect on defenses. That's the true measure of an offensive player. When you attack, the defense is drawn to you like a magnet. That breaks down the defense and opens up other things. The Celtics HAVE the power to be an exceptional offense again, IF THEY ONLY USE IT. It's gonna take some ego, but I wish Pierce could think about how crazy effective he would be getting the ball off a Rondo drive and then deciding to either shoot, attack himself, or pass off and keep the ball moving.

I swear, if Rondo and Pierce figure out how to get into each others heads synergistically, amazing things will happen. Amazing things.

And just think, after a Defense thinks it has contained the Rondo drive, and the ball kicks to Pierce, and then they think they've managed to contain Pierce, the ball zips to a spotting or slashing KG or Brandon Bass...

... we could start blowing people out. This team has some serious firepower, and it has the key to the engine. It's just going to take a little willingness to set aside some ego and work together...