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Celtics by the numbers: Points in the paint a problem

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 15, 2012 at 3:40 AM


  • Rebounding one of the top issues this season, and in  years past wasn't a major concern last night, or at least untill  the Pacers started to pull away.
  • Celtics lost boards 52-45.
  • The Cetics had solid defense, and they held the Pacers to 37% shooting. The defense keeps getting better, but the offense is not, and the rebound isn't each other.
  • Rondo no free throws  in the game, and that's something that is telling from last night'.
  • KG with 19 shots,and his offense is still picking up.
  • Wow JO can grab 12 boards. He did go 0-6 for the night. 

Not many good numbers to talk about. But my key stat would have to be Rondo taking zero foul shotsPoints in the paint 42 for the Pacers, and that can't happen.

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Reply paul
6:35 AM on January 15, 2012 
I may stop writing for a while. I know i keep saying that and it doesn't happen.

What sort of game do I expect to see? I expect to see Rajon Rondo pushing the ball hard up the floor on nearly every possession, breaking down the defense. I expect to see the Big Three playing in shorter bursts, so they can try to keep up with a faster moving game. I expect to see Rondo handling the ball more in the half-court offense, and a majority of plays designed around both his passing and his ability to attack the basket, while hitting short-range Js, breaking down the D and setting up other options. I expect to see Rondo fully in control of the offense, not forced into a passive role. I expect to see the Big Three lead the way for the rest of the team in adapting their game to play off the best player on the team. I expect a game more like what some of the other teams are playing, like Chicago for example, only we can do it a lot better than they can. We aren't as young and athletic, for sure, as most teams at this point, but we have a pg who is smarter and a better passer and team player than any of the others. We have cagy veterans who know how to pass the ball, know how to break down a defense cooperatively, and who love to take the team approach. We could still be a powerful team. We still have an awful lot going for us. But for the team and it's fans NOT to see that game after game where Rondo is pushed into a passive role while we 'feature' Paul Pierce (and KG, and so on, but always Pierce) is a travesty at this point is just beyond ludicrous at this point.

Like I said, I just can't keep hammering this dead horse into a pulp. If people don't want to see it, then what can one do? It's like The Trade. Most of the fandom STILL refuses to see what a blazing travesty that was. If people don't want to see what's in front of them, because The Man tells them different, then so be it. Apparently they think that what The Man tells them is more important than their own native intelligence and discernment. Nothing could be more obvious than the sheer perversity and stupidity of Rondo standing around while Pierce 'makes things happen', at this point in their careers, where Rondo's upwards curve and Paul's downward curve have long since passed each other. It's stupid, it's wrecking the team and it's hurting both players and wasting the fans' time and money, but The Man says we have to 'get Paul Pierce going', so that's the narrative and that's that.

As I said, I predict that there will be voices raised against this tragedy - veterans who don't like what they see. We'll see.

I don't criticize Rondo anymore. That kid has tried to do everything he's been asked to do. He has sacrificed his game for the Big Three, adapted to their needs, and blended his play with theirs in a way that masks their deficiencies. He's the best transition guard in the league, yet he's been willing to pretty much entirely sacrifice his transition game for the slow and old veterans. This summer he upgraded his shooting tremendously; whether it shows in the stats or not (and I think it will as the season goes on), his form is clearly much better and his confidence is clearly higher. When he had problems guarding his opposite numbers man to man, he tightened that aspect of his game down. When asked to lead more and to be more consistent, he's tried to do it. But I think the situation has become hopeless for him and is sure to unravel at this point.

Rondo is above all an EMOTIONAL player, with a TEAM-BASED game, and such a player cannot thrive in a situation as ludicrous as the one he is in. The worst aspect of what is going on are the mixed messages. It's not just that last night four Celtics players and four Pacers had more shot attempts than the guy who was clearly the best player on the floor; it's the way key Celtics continue to say one thing while doing another. Pierce was loud and proud at the beginning of the year, declaring that Rondo was the team's leader (as I recall), the best player on the team, and about to have a monster year. Just the other day Rivers boldly declared that this is Rondo's team. Garnett announced that Big Things are coming with Rondo. Then Rivers goes out and continues to cater to the vets on the team like their Coach Friday. Garnett suddenly demands more than twice as many FGA as Rondo, whom he just dubbed the 'coming Big Thing'. And Paul Pierce? Paul Pierce is one of the greatest Celtics of all time, but right now, he looks like pretty much a selfish jerk. Have we ever, EVER in Celtics history, seen an aging star who refused to give way to a young, rising star this way?
Reply paul
6:43 AM on January 15, 2012 
Think about Celtics history. Think about how Cousy bowed to Russell; about how Havlicek bowed to Cowens; about how Cowens bowed to Bird; about how Bird bowed to Lewis; about how even our most selfish star, Walker, bowed to Pierce: have we had a situation like this before, where our key veteran appeared to simply refuse to make room for a young star to rise? In my opinion, a proud tradition that sustained Celtics Pride generation after generation is being essentially mocked by the current Celtics.
It's a travesty fast turning into a tragedy.
Reply jlil89
11:17 PM on January 15, 2012 
A wake up call for the vets, danny, doc, etc is on the horizon...