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Rondo is evolving

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 5, 2012 at 7:15 PM


Rondo  is a massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by gravity. At the end of his NBA career, a star can also contain a proportion of degenerate matter. The nearest star to Earth is the Sun, which is the source of most of the energy on Earth. Other stars are visible from Earth during the night, when they are not obscured by atmospheric phenomena, appearing as a multitude of fixed luminous points because of their immense distance.

For at least a portion of his career, he shines due to thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen in its core releasing energy that traverses the star's interior and then radiates into outer space.or on the court.

The way I have been feeling about Rondo opens memories of 2009-10. Entering that season Rondo was mixed up in trade rumors. Rondo just became an elite point guard after his playoff series against the Bulls,and playoff run with the Celtics who were without KG for that run as you know. Rondo was a hot player who had a high trade value. But luck has it he was not traded. Rondo made his first all-star game in the 2009-10 season. He took the next step in his career. During the 2009-10 season the Celtics started out hot 23-5 after Christmas day,and soon after the Celtics fell apart for the remainder of the regular season. They finished the rest of the season 27-27. The Celtics entered the 2010 playoffs with hopes of a title,but from the outside the media,and a lot of fans gave up on the Celtics. 




Rondo became a tropical storm,and the eye of the storm was a calm Celtics team handing Rondo the team. I still find myself in amazement from the 2010 run. Rondo became a player who could be great,and  he could have a great career. His evolution was in front of millions of NBA fans. He had every NBA expert amazed by his raw talent,but it was not raw in a bad way,but it was raw because of his sudden leadership role with the Celtics. Rondo made it look easy. He out smarted Lebron James in the Cleveland series.Rajon did not let up against the Magic,and the Lakers,but sadly,and in  a depressing  way the Celtics lost in seven as you all painfully know. 




The Rondo from the 2009-10 season I crave like a chocolate chip cookie. I want more like it's the greatest album of all-time. The Rondo we get this season has the same spirit,but it was the same that started last season also.Rondo had many minor injuries last season,and that could be a small problem from last season. This season I want Rondo to take this team over. I want it,but does he. Paul has covered Rondo with his Rondology series,and I can't even scratch the surface compared to Paul's great work on Rondo.  But I will air out some of my thoughts.




I think Rondo had adopted the Sheed rule from 2009-10. Become 100% focused during the playoffs. I don't disagree with that,but at the same time I hate that theory. Rondo is entering his prime,and it's time to kiss that attitude good-bye. Rondo must play like he can. We know he can play like the best in the NBA. We're not asking for 20 points a night. Maybe some of you are,but the Rondo I want is a passing guru,and trick shot under the basket kind of offensive player. On defense Rondo is outstanding,but the Celtics need him to fix some fatal flaws.The gambler mind set works,but he needs to understand when it works. Rondo has everything a great player needs to become great. I dream of it,and I wish for it. Rondo toy's with us,and it's not fair. Rondo has a hold on me,and I won't give up. I believe he breaks out this year. This needs to be the year.

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Reply Franklin
10:46 PM on January 5, 2012 
This season has become his season. He must take it,and run with it. Rondo can be a silent leader.
Reply paul
11:51 PM on January 5, 2012 
I've been as critical as Rondo as anyone. More than most. I take him to task constantly, for the same reasons we all do. We all see how much better he could be if he would just play harder on defense, push the ball more, be more aggressive on offense, etc.. I get more ticked off than I can say! It amazes me that Doc has made it clear, on several occasions as I recall, that he wants to see Rondo going to the line ten times a game. That is a pretty good measure of how aggressive he'd like Rondo to be. What on earth is it in Rondo that makes him defy even this simple and basic and good sense instruction? What voice in Rondo's head says 'the coach wants me to attack more; my team mates want me to attack more; Danny wants me to attack more; the fans want me to attack more; BUT I WON'T!!!'

It almost seems like it must be that way sometimes, doesn't it?

But no matter how annoyed and frustrated one gets with Rondo, let's not forget that the guy has already had a very special career, and has been one of the most unique and successful point guards in team history, IN LEAGUE HISTORY. Rondo has already had a helluva career, and there is solid hope for far more. These people in the article above, and in many other media outlets, talk about Rondo as if he has stolen every box of their favorite breakfast cereal from the supermarket. Get some perspective, guys.

What makes it worse is that no one wants to acknowledge the obvious. LISTEN, PEOPLE, RONDO DIDN'T RUIN LAST SEASON. HE MADE IT GREAT. IT WAS DANNY AINGE WHO RUINED LAST SEASON. The fact that the media and pseudo-media and the NBA as a whole has united in blaming Rondo is a tribute to how surreal the Mainstream Media have become. They stick to the official story, no matter how blazingly obviously wrong it is, and if that means that they have to trash Rondo's reputation in order to sic him with the blame, then so be it, apparently.

Thankyou for this great piece, Shawn. it's great to shoot thoughts back and forth. I really agree with you that Rondo has a hold on our imaginations. He has a vision, and he makes us see his vision, sometimes with his play. I don't expect 20ppg from him, though I do think he is fully capable of that. What I hope for is consistent, aggressive play. I think he's doing better this year, even though it doesn't necessarily show in the stats, but I think he still tunes in and out way too much. I know that part of his strategy is that he doesn't want opponents to know quite what to expect from him. But this team needs his consistent energy, drive, push, passion. We need it. It's not even optional anymore, if it ever was. The Car is still a great one, but it needs Rondo's high octane gas more than ever.