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Learning from past tragedies

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 18, 2011 at 3:30 AM

Celtic fans know all to well about tragedy. The Celtics lost Len Bias,and Reggie Lewis in a seven-year span. I believe Green took the right path,and he was lucky enough to get a proper physical. They found the problem early,and now he can get surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm. Despite Green being in Green for less than a season. I feel like he's apart of the Celtics family. I'm glad to see many fans behind him. Of course you have the many selfish fans out there. I think it's unfair to blame Green for anything concerning the Perk deal. First the Perk deal shouldn't have happened. Second Perk was gone after the season he would of been gone for nothing anyways. It does suck Green is gone for the season. It will hurt the Celtics without question,but the real message here is life.


Green will be able to live his life with,or without basketball. I love basketball,and I take it to serious. But Green is lucky. He's lucky enough to have found this health issue before it cost him his life. Green will hang it up someday,and he will need to live life without basketball. Green says he'll return,and I wish him luck on that pursuit. I hope he gets another chance with the Celtics. It's heartbreaking because Green seems like the nicest guy. His tenure in Boston has disappointed many . I never felt like we got the best from Green,but I also knew why. He was in a new system,and he was playing alongside three future  hall of fame players. I'm happy for Green that he gets a chance to live,and to realize that life is more important than basketball.

Here's an article from the Boston Herald




Volk thinks back to Lewis-BH.COM

“If that’s it, that’s good news,” Volk said. “Technology is always advancing. I’m not really qualified to speak to it, but what’s available now has to be so much different. But at the time we were very concerned with what we saw, and assembled all of the experts we could.”

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Reply paul
9:09 AM on December 18, 2011 
I agree with most your sentiments here, but I'm not sure that I agree that Green is 'part of the Cs family'. First of all, he was here barely over six months. Is Von Waver a part of the Celtics family? Is even Big Baby part of the Cs family? Hell no. Most Celtic fans HATE Davis. Even Perkins is now hated by many Celtic fans, even though he spent his young adulthood here. So I can't buy into the idea that Green is 'part of the family', if others who have left the Cs are not part of the family.

I sympathize for Green and pray for him. Like all of us, he is a human being facing the challenges of life. But this notion of family is a mere sentimentality for most people. I'm not talking about you now, Shawn. I'm speaking more generally. Most people invoke this notion of "family" when it suits their sentiment. But when a guy gets traded suddenly, NO MATTER HOW DEDICATED AND LOVED HE WAS, all we hear from people is that "it's just a business". So it's like a family when people want to indulge in the warm-and-fuzzies, but it's a business when people want to do something hard and nasty.

I wish Green well. I agree with you that The Trade as not his fault. He shouldn't be blamed for it. But I have to say that I don't think it's for sure that Perkins would have been gone in any case this summer. I think the point was that the Celtics refused to undertake a real process of negotiation with him. He SAID that he wanted to come back. Who knows what a more successful run in the playoffs would have done to soften negotiating positions on both sides. But the point, as I see it, was that the Celtics wanted to show the players that they were not willing to negotiate, that they were only willing to dictate. It was, in my view, the first shot in the Great Lockout. Remember, their whole position in the Lockout was pretty much "we don't negotiate with you. We tell you what the deal is. You say 'thankyou Master'."

I wish Green strength and health. Nothing takes more courage and determination than facing a health challenge.
Reply shawn cassidy
1:26 PM on December 18, 2011 
I understand exactly what your saying. Sometimes when something happens in general in life. Someone dies,or someone goes through a trying time like Green. You tend to care more about that person sometimes. I guess I'm talking in general for me he's apart of the C's fam. I know a lot of fans could care less.