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Celtics Morning Joe: Glad Baby is gone,looking forward to see Bass off the bench

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 15, 2011 at 10:25 AM


When I think of the word baby. I can see a tiny little human who's learning right from wrong,and I see someone who can't take care of themselves. A baby you need to always correct,and teach,and always praise the baby when he,or she do something right. I'm not a parent,but that's what I observe. I believe that sounds like the Big Baby era in Boston. I always felt like he was over used,but the Celtics had no choice last season. He was lost in the shuffle after the Perk deal,and he reacted like a selfish baby. Baby wanted more playing time,and when he got it he wasn't able to perform. Glen had a great regular season until the injuries to all the bigs,and then the Perk deal. Glen also filled in nicely for KG in the 2009 playoffs. Baby is a perfect nickname for a player that cries on the bench when KG calls him out during a game in late 2008. Baby hustled a lot,but I also felt like he had fake hustle. It was fake because he overreacted over silly bumps,and hits,and for loose balls. I really liked Glen at times. He was crucial for us at times,but that doesn't excuse his selfishness on the court.  I didn't want to lose Glen because he's  skilled,and he has  talents that helped the Celtics. I also didn't want him to just leave the Celtics,and they have nothing in return,


That's when Danny pulled off his best move so far this season. He did a sign,and trade with the Magic sending Glen Davis to Orlando for Brandon Bass. I was pleased with the deal. I didn't want to over pay Davis,and the Celtics didn't want to thankfully. Brandon can give us much more than Davis,and he's a team kind of guy. Bass won't over step his role. He remind me of a younger Kurt Thomas at times,and that's something the Celtics need.  I think will see Bass finish games with the starting unit in most cases. I'm happy to get a solid replacement for Baby. It will keep the Celtics closer to their goal of banner 18 this season. Losing baby for nothing would have been a disaster for the Celtics bench.


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Reply paul
11:37 AM on December 15, 2011 
My appreciation for David soured a lot over the summer when he made a big point of publicly stabbing the players union in the back. Ditto Delonte. Celtics Blog has a front page article celebrating Baby and Delonte as free spirits, but they seem more stupid and selfish than anything.

I don't blame Baby for the way he fell apart after the Perkins deal. KG said it himself yesterday, in carefully (but barely) veiled words: that The Trade (and associated moves) really, really hit the team hard. Is it a surprise that it would hit the two most unstable people - Baby and Rondo - the most? IT WAS A TERRIBLE MOVE BY AINGE ON NEARLY EVERY LEVEL. Folks really really really need to stop blaming the players. It was worse for Baby, in a way, because The Trade made him feel unsure about his place on the team. He went from being the firmly established sixth man to perhaps seventh man, and not even sure of that. How was that supposed to make him feel? And seeing as the guy the team brought in to bump him down was a scorer, is it any wonder that he became confused and thought that he should score more?

I think that if folks would try putting themselves in the players' shoes more, it would be easier for them to understand a lot of what happens.

And I think a lot of the problem with Baby is a coaching problem. I think it's pretty darn clear that Doc is TERRIBLE with younger players. He's also terrible with bench players and with bigs. So here we have a young, bench, big. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

All that said, I agree that this may be Ainge's best off-season move. As I understand it, Bass is not as good a defender, but is a better scorer and rebounder. He also, as I understand it, is quite a bit more pulled together. And it was a trade that offered two players a needed fresh start. I think it will work out well on both ends.

And I agree with a point that I think you made earlier that Ainge seems to be trying to build a more mature and mentally/emotionally settled team. With Rondo as the Main Man, it's probably a good idea.
He brings all the crazy they need.
Reply paul
11:39 AM on December 15, 2011 
paul says...
My appreciation for David

Reply Franklin
12:00 PM on December 15, 2011 
Bass will do just fine,and I'm glad he's a Celtic.
Reply paul
3:38 PM on December 15, 2011 
Franklin says...
Bass will do just fine,and I'm glad he's a Celtic.

I'm looking forward to seeing how some of the new guys do.
Reply celticsz
8:39 AM on December 16, 2011 
Rondo does bring "all the crazy they need". For Baby, having to grow up in the spotlight was a raw deal. My goodness, the mistakes I've made and my immaturity growing up, I'm certainly glad I worked that out in private. I hope Baby has a fresh start in Orlando and Bass rocks it in B.