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Celtics and Lakers: The Chris Paul aftermath

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 9, 2011 at 3:45 AM

If you were like me I was one of those basketball junkies on twitter seeing every Paul tweet fly by. The deal was off from the start. The first deal was said to be Odom,and Bynum for Paul. Then the final deal was the three-way deal that was discussed earlier in the day. The deal would send Gasol to Houston,and then Odom to the Hornets.


This is such unwanted  territory,and unwanted by the NBA fans, it is hard to fathom what comes next with the NBA,and Chris Paul . Apparently, all the players who were supposed to have been in the trade have been told to report to their (original) teams for the start of training camp Friday, and where this thing goes from here is anyone’s guess.Do the Lakers sue?I know Paul wants to. Do the Rockets say anything at all? Do the Celtics get back into the hunt for a world title despite the drama with sending Rondo out-of-town for Paul?  I think the Lakers have a harder road ahead with the players traded compared to the Celtics dealing with just rumors of Rondo being traded despite the Rondo rumors being true. The Lakers actually traded players,and to patch that up is hard. I can't even imagine. The Celtics could easily fix their problem with Rondo. All they have to do is sit  him down,and talk with him. They need to be honest with him. They need to comit.


This is bad for the league. But I'm happy it happened. I also know Paul won't be traded until they have an owner. The NBA owns this team,and from my understanding. Doesn't the owner of a team have the right to decline a trade,or veto it? The owners just happen to be the NBA with the Hornets So why should they get so much heat? I know it looks bad,and wrong,but owners reject trades all the time. It looks bad because the owners in the NBA demanded Stern to pull the plug. I'm sure Stern didn't mind though. It was rumored that Howard would soon follow Paul in LA. Stern didn't want this at all so he pulled the plug. I'm happy the Lakers lost out on  Paul. I think if the Lakers would have been unable to trade for Howard,and I'm assuming Paul is in LA. The Lakers would have been an okay team. The Lakers for so long have relied on the three-headed monster in LA.


I'm also happy to see Paul act like a baby after his ideal team was unable to land him. I'm sick of players acting like this. I understand they want to play where they want,but I wish they would handle it different. The deal is dead for now,and who knows if Paul will be  a Laker ever.


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1 Comment

Reply paul
8:45 AM on December 9, 2011 
Players and owners just look worse and worse. So much narrowminded thinking.

You are right, I think, about Rondo. Well, I think this situation tears him up worse than anybody, BUT it could all be turned to the good with a little honesty and commitment. But as we know, sometimes those are the hardest things for folks.