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What are Celtic fans thinking: Trade Rondo, or don't trade Rondo?

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 19, 2013 at 5:30 AM

So how far have Celtic fans gone down this dark gritty path of tanking. Are they willing to trade Rondo for nothing? Do most fans expect Wiggins, or Parker to save the day next season. Well here are some comments.

CelticsBlog SB Nation

Can't wait for that to happen

"It sickens me every night when he (Bass) starts and play 30 minutes, while Sully comes from bench to play 20 minutes.

I can’t imagine based on what he is a starter and 30 mpg player. Only reason I can think of is “seniority”.

While he stays on the team, I could live with a PT distribution like this: Sully – 30 minutes, Fav/KellyO – 25 minutes/each, Bass/Humph – 16 minutes.

For all his accolades as “top defender” in this team, I found that he is not such, even when compared against rookies.

Before last game, these are some stats I found in: http://www.basketball-reference.com/teams/BOS/2014.html

DRtg (points allowed per 100 poss.): Wallace 99, Fav 99, Humphries – Sully 102, Bradley – Lee 103, Pressey – KellyO – Bass – Crawford 104. Bass is tied in 7-10 place, with two rookies no less: Pressey and KellyO. Pressey PT is rather small if you wish, but KellyO PT is big enough to say that Bass hasn’t been any better than him in this defensive measure, and is way behind Fav and Sully.

DRB%: Fav 22.3, Hump 22.1, Sully 21.4, KellyO 17.6, Wallace 15.9, Bass 14.0. Bass is 5th, well behind our three young big men: Fav, Sully and KellyO, again in that order.

Offensively, Bass is also way behind Sully.

ORtg: Sully – 114 vs Bass – 106. TS% (True Shooting %): Sully 59.9 (4th in team), Fav 53.2 (7th in team), Bass 48.2 (9th in team), KellyO 47.1 (10th in team)."

It sounds like this guy wants to trade Bass, and this season he's shown that his value is higher then the stats above show. Brandon may very well be traded. The Celtics have plenty of bigs, and Bass has this year and next left on his contract.He's owed nearly 7 million next season, and 6.7 million this year.

I like Bass, but if you think about Sully and Kelly. In time those guys will probably over take Bass in playing time. For me Rondo it the only guy you can't trade when it comes to the core. Most of the fans seemed to give Bass a fair shake.

"I don’t buy that Bass is at all as bad as some of his bashers make him out to be. But I don’t buy your assertion either."

So what about any other potential deals with the Knicks? Of course without Rondo in the mix. What about this one.

"As for Wallace, earlier today one of my friends suggested packaging Wallace, Lee, and Bass for Amare. I'm on board with that lol"

That will improve the Knicks, and the cap will workout for the Celtics still. They'll be let go of Wallace's three years. They'll also shed Lee's three-year deal. The Celtics will also have nearly 18-20 million in cap next summer with Hump, and Bogans contracts(I still assume Danny waives Bogans). Plus what if Stoudemire returns to form, not All-Star level, but close to it. The Knicks would get depth with this move.

Time to return the favor

"McHale did give us KG. That trade completed the puzzle for banner 17. Now that they have a chance at the championship, maybe, just maybe, the Celtics should lend a helping hand whenever and wherever possible. Afterall, we shouldn’t ask Rondo to spend his prime in a rebuilding team and Asik isn’t that bad either."

I believe Danny does need to pick a path. His rebuild of this team can't last more than two years. Rondo will either walk when he's a free agent, or he will be wasted in Boston with a team that's not ready to compete. Some many what if's with the Celtics and Rondo.

CelticsLife fans comment on trade rumor

"Who in the world would want Pilsbury Doughboy, 100 million dollar benchwarmer with bum knees + bad back, and a post-ACL guy rocking a flat top. Seriously, I thought trade rumors were supposed to have at least an ounce of sense. If the Houston trade happens, the Celtics are getting robbed again. Geez.."

The Celtics will get robbed in any Rondo trade. That's my feeling on it anyway.

"Rondo for Asik, Lin, Shumpert, Felton, and Stoudemire all put together would still be awful."


"it stupid, Rondo will stay with the Celtics and if Ainge Trades him well, lets just say Ainge has made this great team suck in only a matter of months if it goes ahead, Don't Trade Rondo"

Again, I agree with that. Fans overall didn't like the trade offers for Rondo. Fans digged the deal with Rondo's name out of the hat.

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Reply celtsfan
11:44 AM on November 19, 2013 
Im starting to warm up to an Amsre trade.. Especially if the Nets bite the big one.
Reply celtsfan
11:45 AM on November 19, 2013 
Not trading Rondo,Bass and Wallace with Lee