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Red Auerbachs Daughter says he wouldnt have traded Pierce and Garnett

Posted by shawn cassidy on October 15, 2013 at 5:15 AM

This story has been out for awhile now. I finally got around to it. What I want to ask you guys is if she's right? I think she is, because Red was loyal to his legends, and frankly Danny Ainge hasn't been 100% loyal. I think writers, bloggers, and critics have every right to say that they don't trust Ainge, or they have the right to say that he'll trade someone like Rondo, because Danny isn't shy, and he's in love with the big move. The kind of big moves that landed KG and Allen in 2007. Even the Perk for Green deal had some pow to it.


“Given [Red Auberbach's] track record and philosophy of life, not in his lifetime would that have happened,” Randy Auerbach told Yahoo Sports. “He really took a lot of pride in players finishing their careers with the Celtics. That was something very important to him.

“If it was for Chris Paul, maybe. We got nothing [for Pierce and Garnett]. You don’t trade laterally, and we didn’t even get laterally. But I hope it works. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to be wrong.”

“Knowing my father, I don’t think trading them was an option,” Randy Auerbach added. “If you look at his track record, he had more players start and finish their careers with the Celtics than any other team. That’s Celtic pride.”

I think about the trade, and it's fresh this morning because it's the topic of the day with the Nets and Celtics facing off tonight. First of all, Ainge wanted to rebuild around Rondo, and he knew he couldn't waste anymore time. Maybe Danny could have traded KG without dealing Pierce. But would KG have waived his no trade clause without Paul in the mix. Pierce was the one who convinced Kevin to waive the clause.So in the end Paul was gone because Kevin wasn't waiving the clause without him, even if another deal came up. That's my belief.

I think the sting of the trade is Paul. I would have gotten the message if Ainge only traded KG. Paul was the sting, even though I love KG. Danny shot himself in the foot, when it comes to loyalty when he traded Paul. How can we trust him with beloved franchise players? He may very well keep Rondo for the next 5 years, but when that's up, what will stop Ainge from trading an aged Rondo? Who's to even say that Ainge will still be running the show in 5 years?

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