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Mental disconnect

Posted by shawn cassidy on October 1, 2013 at 5:00 AM

Maybe it took the cold night air to realize a few things. The sun has set on everything that we've known for the past six years. One thing didn't change, the Celtics still had the blank banner next to the 2008 Championship banner. I don't believe they expect to win banner 18 this season, but it's a reminder that it's the goal, nothing less than that. During Monday's media day each voice felt like an echo of the other. Trust and love of one another seemed to be the mindset.

The unlocked doors of knowledge opened up for a moment, and for a day, we had witnessed hope shattering are ear drums.Do you still remember the scenery of last seasons media day? The Celtics retooled for a run to the Finals. They were fresh off of their game seven loss, and Ray Allen left the Celtics for a chance to go ring chasing. This season the guys seem vocal on many topics.

Rondo's injury seems to be the biggest challenge, obstacle, and mentally draining task of his career. As much as his return banks on how well his torn right ACL heals, getting past the mental hurdle is tough,and it's proven to be a reality that he must get over.

A turning point will happen for Rondo, and maybe a boiling point. during the hard days, he's realized that coming back now, is just not in the cards, and never will be until he's mentally ready. Let's realize this, Rondo won't be on some paid vacation. He'll have to have a workload. He's going to be a coach off the bench, until he's able to play the games. An obstacle has offered a solution. Rondo can be a leader form the bench, and it's up to his approach.

To be relentless, it occupies your mind. Rondo is dealing with it. He wants to go, and he wants to play the game he loves, but that's the price that's paid.

"When I feel confident and don't think about it and just go out there and play ... I'll be fine," Rondo said. "I'll be ready to go."

"Me and Brad have become best friends," Rondo said. "We talk every day, we laugh and joke, we just had dinner the other night. I’m going to help him, he’s going to help me. He has my full support and I told him from Day 1 when he came to my [summer] camp [in Louisville in July for their first in-person meeting], I'm 100 percent behind him."

Those two need each other, and I've been saying it since day one. The one can't be successful without the other. They need each other, and I would be sadden if they can't have a good relationship. Because one would have to go. They both seem to have a connection that it's unexplainable. It will make for a great second part of Rondo's career.

 A mental roller coaster is the ride Rondo's on right now. His head screams, it can't cope he's confused,he panics.A flood of emotions take over, he's paralyzed, nobody can help, nobody can understand what hes going through.

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Reply Morena
8:57 AM on October 1, 2013 
I agree with you Shawn.
The mental part is hard, but Rondo has proven to be tough.
I really trust him.
Reply paul
10:21 AM on October 1, 2013 
I just read Glen Rivers comments about Chris Paul, that he's a 'genius' - same word he used for Rondo. It must be killing Rondo to have to sit out. But hopefully he uses this stuff to motivate himself. What if he comes back with the vastly improved shooting we have been praying for? EVeryone has been saying for years that if Rondo ever steps up his shooting markedly, watch out league.

I agree, too, Shawn, that Rondo should coach while he is recuperating.