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Ray returns with conflicting emotions

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 27, 2013 at 12:40 AM

I pictured this day. It played  out much different. Ray was supposed to come in with the Celtics, and Heat as the top two teams in the East. But instead the Celtics cling onto the 8th seed with a 20-23 record. As for the Heat they have a record of 28-12, and that's the best record in the East. If the playoffs started today both teams would meet.

Misery, depression, anger, pain. Confusing emotions engulf me. I felt this way when Ray went to the enemy, and now I feel this way over the Celtics rough season. I try so hard to just break free from the torture. No matter what  I do, the misery, depression follows, with a side of anger,and pain. They are destroying me from the inside out. They make me question what basketball is all about.

Ray  is coming to town with the Celtics on edge, and desperate for a win. I won't insult any of you. All of us know the Celts have dropped 6 in a row. It's the longest skid since the 2007 season when the Celtics dropped 17 in a row. With this game hours away I thought I would have more emotion. But all I feel is despair. All I want is a win. It doesn't matter who the team is really, but I want this anger to go away. It so happens to be the Heat are in town. Sunday's game could mean many things. The Celtics need a win, but they need a shot of confidence, and some kind of statement win. This is it right here.

Life, people say is a journey. Indeed, it is a journey through emotions.Life turns dry if it is without that. Emotions steer the course of life It drives you take directions. In what ways?  That's for you to figure out. Ray's return to me reminds me of one of those movies of the ugly duckling coming home, or going to a high school reunion. The Celtics are the bully, or the hot girl that rejected  the ugly duckling. Ray's coming in as a member of the top team in the East, and his old running mates are nowhere near the same team. Ray's coming in for payback, as the Celtics just want to pick up any shred of dignity that's left.

With all that has went on this season. I have lost some of the hate for Ray. I don't like the fact that he portrayed himself to be this clean cut goody-goody. He was a back stabbing gossip slinging guy that bad mouthed his teammates. I won't forget that. Before the jump ball, I'm sure I'll want to boo Ray. But honestly like I said a win is all I want. I suppose it would taste even sweeter if it would come against the Heat.

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Reply Morena
4:25 AM on January 27, 2013 
Good read!!
Unlike you, my anger toward Ray has increased. The season I hoped for is lost, and the one who betrayed us is coming to town with the top team in the east, while my team is struggling, to say the least. This makes me so mad!!
I want a win!! And they need a win!! Today is a pride game!! I want to see the guys fight like true Celtics!!
Reply paul
5:27 AM on January 27, 2013 
I'm with you Morena on this. Ray should have been fighting through this season with us. Instead he took the no-honor way out, and the one thing I don't understand is that way many fans now seem to want to say that they now understand that he did the right thing because the Heat are doing well, and the Celts are losing. No way. It's the opposite. He's like a fair-weather fan, only it's a lot worse than that for a player who tried to tell us that he was a Celtic true and true to jump ship to the team that just beat us, our hottest rivals, and to do it in the nasty, snubbing way he did. As Dooling (?) said, is it really possible to believe that he wasn't planning on this when we actually played the Heat? That he wasn't sitting there thinking "I can do what Mike Miller is doing"?

I say this: if fans had more honor, they'd dislike Ray more because his betrayal turned out to be so cunningly timed.

Great piece. But I don't care about winning. Right now, I just want to see the team play well and compete hard. Right now, that in itself would be a huge accomplishment, just playing hard consistently.
Reply Franklin
11:06 AM on January 27, 2013 
Good read agreed.. I hate Ray.lol, but I agree with the fact that a win,or this team fighting would be more of a thought.