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Terry "comes from the school of Gary Payton trash talking"

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 13, 2013 at 6:30 AM

We know our group of guys in Boston. They love to talk, and others take it serious. Serious enough to wait outside the teams bus during a heated regular season game. I think it's all fun when the trash talk doesn't hit below the belt. Terry does a blog post for ESPN, and this is from the latest post. He had this to say about the incident in New York.

Terry diary: C's D, trash-talk, hockey, NFL- ESPN BOSTON

I'd think we'd all agree the Knicks game last week was one that stands out. The Knicks bring out our competitive spirit. Going into this season, everybody picked the Knicks to do big things and win the Atlantic Division. They're still a rival for us. It's a physical game when we play them. Personally, I have friends on that team in Jason Kidd and Tyson Chandler [and Steve Novak, who played seven games at the start of the 2010-11 season before going to San Antonio] that I won a championship with when we were with Dallas. So I have a personal rivalry there. Any time we play them it's special.

I didn't make much of Melo [Carmelo Anthony] coming to our bus after the game. We're competitive. If you go to one of our practices, we talk more than anybody. I talk more than anybody. I'm a throwback. I come from the Gary Payton school of trash talking. It's something that is normal to me. It may get under the opposing team's skin, which it's intended to do. If it gets to you, we've done our job.

Kevin Garnett is definitely legendary for his trash talking but Paul Pierce is just as brutal. I'm on the right team. We're so versatile here and it's so spontaneous the way we trash talk. For example, Kobe [Bryant] said something to Pau Gasol about two months ago about his big boy pants. Now we use it when we're out on the floor. We use that in our trash talk lingo.

We played that game without [Rajon] Rondo, who was sitting out a one-game suspension. Our game plan varies when he isn't playing. When he's not in a game, we use multiple ball handlers. We use different guys to initiate the offense. But obviously, he's someone you can't really replace. Rajon Rondo will be an All-Star this year. He's one of the best point guards to play the game.

Rondo plays with a passion on the court. Kevin Garnett has made it his job to talk to Rondo about how to control the passion when he's playing. He's made Rondo his protégé. He's grooming him to be the leader of this franchise when he leaves. Me, I just talk to him about little things during the game to keep him focused, like game plan and personnel. I've been around a while and have played against every single guard that he's matching up against.

We have a nice homestand going on and will play the Knicks again and Miami at home towards the end of January. I like the fact that nobody seems to be talking about us. We're pretty much the underdog. I have a tattoo on my left arm that I've had a long time of Underdog. In fact, it's one of my first tattoos. I love being thought of like that. We're playing the villain role, and rightfully so, because that's how this team is made up.

The Celtics love being the underdog, and sometimes I feel like they want that title. They seem to always thrive under those circumstances. Rondo has become KG's guy to take under his trash talking wings. Rondo might need to stay away from that. He get's enough trouble. But what I dislike is that this team was supposed to be Rondo's, and it's not yet, and I get why Rondo plays passive at times, he's got vets to feed. Terry has a lot of respect for Rondo, he shows it a lot when he talks about the team, and when he writes up the blog posts for ESPN. Terry has been in Rondo's corner since day one.

Terry finds away to impact this team. If he's having an off night shooting, he'll become the passer. Terry has been a great Celtic.

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1 Comment

Reply paul
6:04 PM on January 13, 2013 
I think the vets are frustrated with Rondo, just like the fans are. They see the same talent we see. And they see the passive play that forces the rest of the team to try to carry Rondo, WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE LEADER! I mean, there's leading from behind, and there's leading from the futon.

The Clippers game was the one where I think the vets just decided they had had enough of Rondo already. It's bad enough to be Jarrett Jacked by Jarrett Jack, but to be Jarrett Jacked by Chris Paul? You can't get up for a game against Chris Paul? I still think that part of what has been going on is that Rondo didn't want to burn out his body in the first third of the season. But this team needed a leader, and he pretty much failed to fill that role.

So I think Terry, KG, Doc and even Ainge are pretty much calling him out. Time to step up, Rajon. This is still your team. Don't be so stubborn you blow it.