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The Good,the Bad,and the Ugly: Game 27 vs the Nets

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 26, 2012 at 4:05 PM

The Good

:D The word soft has been tossed around all season. The Celtics have some signature wins this season. The Thunder game, and yesterday's game. The Nets have taken a step back so to speak. They started 11-4, and since that hot start they have cooled off with a 3-9 record. During the broadcast yesterday they mentioned that Avery Johnson scrapped a lot of his sets to make Deron Williams comfortable. But that's not excuse for yesterday's beat down the Celtics put on them.

The Celtics put together a nice win yesterday. Let's review the defensive game the Celtics put together yesterday. First of all the rebounding numbers favored the Celtics 41-36. That's strong because the Nets have one of the best rebounding big men in the game Brook Lopez, and the Celtics have had issues against the Nets in the rebounding department. The Celtics forced 20 turnovers as well. A great defensive number.

The Celtics also got a manageable number in points in the paint. The Celtics gave up 34 points, and you can live with that. What the Celtics can't live with is 40 or so. The Celtics have given up 50 points in the paint more than a few times this season. The Celtics also held the Nets to 35% from three-point land, not the 30% they held teams to last season, but a strong effort. The Celtics held the Nest overall to 40% shooting. The Celtics may have found something with Collins starting, but I also think they we need that kind of play on the defensive end from Wilcox when he returns. 

Let's give props to Rondo. He's taken a beating in the last few games for not playing enough defense. Tuesday he held Williams in check. That's what we need Rondo.

:D The Celtics had a balance attack. I think this is my third time going down this road, but I must again. The game that KG, and Pierce had Tuesday is what we thought we get this season. Maybe not so low on the scoring, but both guys did their jobs. KG was the defensive master, and Pierce played like the 08" Paul. Not in the scoring department, but passing, and rebounding, and being a team first kind of guy. I'm not saying Paul isn't a team player, but at times Pierce can be in hero mode. On Christmas day Green, and Sully got to show the world that they can be factors on this team also.

I won't do the bad, and ugly parts. Because I don't have much to say on those. The Celtics picked up their intensity, and they played with urgency. Something they need for the final 50 or so games.

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Reply paul
5:00 PM on December 26, 2012 
Shawn, I think there's a lot to say about bad and ugly. The start of the game wasn't great, and the third quarter was downright horrible. If they play against the Clips that way to start the game, and in the third quarter, they'll get blown out. My favorite thing last night was seeing Rondo post up down low, so that he could draw the double team and then pass out of it. I loved the creativity. Why can't we do this, constantly finding new ways to draw the double teams and triple teams to Rondo, and then passing out of them? So what if Rondo gets the hockey assist? He draws the defense, passes to Pierce who draws the defense, who passes to someone else who is wide open. That's a good plan if you ask me.

For corn's sakes, we have a guy in Rondo who draws crazy defensive pressure, Bobby Orr like pressure. They double him out on the perimeter. Who gets doubled at the three point line?!! Rondo does. If he attacks the lane he draws three, maybe four defenders. Then we have Pierce who draws two defenders every time he touches the ball. And both those guys are super intelligent, supercreative, and great passers. Then we have guys like KG and Sully and Bass and Terry and Green, increasingly, who know where to set up and cut. WHY ARE WE NOT ROASTING TEAMS?!!

Because we are still running that dang walk the ball up and wait for Ray Allen fricking offense!!!!!!!!!
Reply paul
5:07 PM on December 26, 2012 
It's a long dang wait too...
Reply C'slife
1:05 AM on December 27, 2012 
Shawn stop being so nice.lol.
I think every game has bad, and ugly. But sometimes you must understand that you can't have a perfect game.
Reply paul
6:54 AM on December 27, 2012 
I hear you, Cslife. But part of what makes a champion is sustained focus, will. This team hasn't had that in years. It's ok too, and very understandable. When you sit in the office, sometimes you spend half an hour trying to hit the basket with crunched up paper. But it's not championship stuff.