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Celtics Morning Joe: Gasol trade a reality for the Celtics?

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 23, 2012 at 6:00 AM

I've written about  it a few times. With Gasol being the odd man out in LA, and with the Celtics in need of a big man who can score in the low post, and who can rebound. Gasol seems like the best fit. I strongly believe he's the guy the Celtics need. Of course I would love a guy like Josh Smith over Gasol. But it seems like he's making  a name for himself with Joe Johnson out of town.

Over at RedsArmy they had an article yesterday about a potential Gasol trade. The trade proposal was Bradley/Green for Gasol, with a possible third team in the mix. I'd say no to that deal. If I could trade two players. It would be Bass, and Lee. Bradley, and Green have the intangibles that the Celtics need. I could see dealing Lee, and Green perhaps? But doesn't open up a hole at the Small Forward position?

Even if the Celtics don't look into Gasol. I hate to say it, but they need to deal for a big man that can help inside with rebounding, and limiting points in the paint. I don't know if it's Varejo, or Gortat. I just know the Celtics aren't getting enough out of their bigs. Only KG is giving his all.  

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Reply paul
7:04 AM on December 23, 2012 
I'm beginning to think that the guy who may be on the trading block is, once again, Rajon Rondo. Are other teams going to want Bass? Lee? Green? Even Sully is not likely to pull a lot in the market, though maybe he's shown more than expected at times. Bradley is probably someone teams want, so maybe one can build a trade around him, but can he thrive in another environment, where more scoring is needed from a scoring guard? Rondo has stepped up a lot this season, but he's failed to fully embrace the role of leader. Now he seems to be somehow suggesting that everything depends on Bradley. I know that Bradley is important to this team, and to Rondo, but if he's that important, he's the best player on the team and not Rondo and so maybe Rondo is right. He, Rondo, is not the team's leader. Bradley is the team's leader. Maybe that's a good thing. Rondo can go back to be a role player. But wait, he's never been content to be just a role player.

I dunno. Ainge may feel like Rondo's had his chance to lead this team, and he's really had more excuses than anything, and yet he's still a guy that a lot of teams may want fairly badly, someone who could bring back another highly talented person, possibly a big, who isn't quite working out where they are at.

We've seen before that Danny at least uses trade talks to put pressure on players.
Reply Franklin
9:28 AM on December 23, 2012 
I just don't see Danny moving Rondo. Ainge is a crazy mofo, but just don't see him trading any of the big three. I think that ship has sailed. KG is to valueable,and Paul is mr Celtic. And Rondo is to damn good to pass.