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Posted by shawn cassidy on December 17, 2012 at 6:00 AM

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Life is something bigger than anyone can even begin to describe.  For some it's an adventurous ride that lasts decades. Life can be a bit mysterious, or scary.   Some life threatening problems can come up.  But yet, it can sometimes surprise you, and pick apart your world. 

Life is a big, swerve on a  road that takes your hands off the wheel. Life is indescribable & is everything you could never imagine because you are living it. Live it to the fullest is what were told.  No Regrets is what were told, and forget to surround yourself with lots of friendships.  No enemies would be nice, and being nice to everyone is a way to live. Lots of mistakes we all make them.  This is how we learn how to live the best day of your life, or to fix the issues that cause so many problems.

I don't want to go into laws, and politics. I don't set out to make anyone upset. This is my blog, and I'm not worried about what other blogs may worry about. And I may lose readers by saying this. But I hate guns, and I think America would be better without them. Is it possible, probably not. But what about the laws that surround guns. Background checks, and whatever needs to be done.

I lost someone this past year who was murdered by a gun. He was a 17 year old boy. He wasn't killed for a reason, or for doing anything. He was an innocent kid, murdered a week before Thanksgiving. We live in an age, and a time where the safest places are not safe. I've strictly posted things all basketball here. But my hate for guns has been long before this tragedy, and before my own personal tragedy I had to deal with this past year.

I don't believe in violence, and I don't believe in war. Maybe I have listened to John Lennon to much, but I believe in war is over if you want it.This quote is from Sean Lennon.

Sean Lennon Friday via Twitter

Heart aching over Connecticut. This doesn't happen when people go nuts in Japan or UK because Americans are over-armed. We need to disarm!

I love this country, but don't we have a lot of issues? Much like our Celtics we love dearly. John Lennon was shot, and killed by a gun in 1980. In 1999 George Harrison was attacked in the UK by a knife. I was thought if George was in America. I felt that he would have been shot, and killed. Again, I'm sorry this wasn't a Celtics topic this morning, but I had to get some things off my chest. Little kids won't be able to grow up, and start a blog about something they love. They were robbed by a man who should have been treated years ago, or not on the streets because of his mental health issues.

I'm not a great writer, and I don't proclaim that I am. But what's  it going to take for America to change? I think enough has been done.

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Reply paul
7:15 AM on December 17, 2012 
I hate guns too, but I don't think guns have anything to do with the violence. I'm sorry about your loss. I don't mean to disrespect your feelings about that at all. I just think it shouldn't be blamed on guns. If you watch Moore's Bowling for Columbine, even though it purports to be an anti-gun film, it's not really, because it makes the case that Canadians have as many guns as we do, and they don't have as much violence, apparently. But what they have is a more egalitarian society, and a less military society. That is changing of course. Canada is fast becoming more like the US. I'm pretty sure that such a trend will eventually lead to more shootings in Canada.

And I think Lennon's song is totally inappropriate here, because there is a huge difference between war and violent crime. Basically, war is violent crime carried about by the state, or on behalf of the state or with the connivance of the state (by mercs, etc.).

There are so many things that you touch on in this post, and deep down I think we agree. I don't like guns. I don't like violence. I believe deeply in non-violence. But I think the Libertarians have a lot of legitimate - in fact, unarguable - points when it comes to actual gun policy. Part of the reason horrible mass shootings happen is that most people don't have guns. If most people had guns, and knew how to handle them safely, mass shootings could not really happen very easily. But the way things are, a crazy person with a gun knows that he or she will face little or no resistance.

And that brings us to the larger political issue. Of course, liberals claim that the second amendment is only in the constitution as a kind of proto-army. No. That's a transparently bogus argument. I mean, it's partially true in a technical sense, but the deeper point is that the Constitution is very distrustful of Federal power, rightly so, and this is why it says point blank that people have the right to bear arms, and also indicates that defense should be based on a militia approach.

Reply paul
7:25 AM on December 17, 2012 
You know, I consider myself to be primarily a lefty, but I don't understand why most liberals and lefties don't seem to get it, AT ALL, that Libertarians and such do have some very valid points. The whole thrust of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, are that the government is based on the people, not vice versa, and that it is a form of rule by the people, for the people - as Lincoln put it - AND YOU SIMPLY CANNOT HAVE SUCH A GOVERNMENT IF ONLY THE GOVERNMENT IS ARMED AND THE PEOPLE ARE NOT. My god, why don't folks get that?

People, please think about it. If criminals have guns, and most of us are unarmed, they will rule our communities won't they, as they already do in many areas. Right? One armed person, with bad intentions, surrounded by unarmed people, is like a wolf amongst sheep, right?

Ok, so what is it when the government has guns and the people have no guns? That is one giant wolf, amongst a lot of tiny sheep. Please don't tell me that we vote every two years, so it's alright. You all know very well that the political system has been corrupted by money to the point where it really wouldn't be democratic anymore, even if you could believe that the votes were being counted honestly, which we can't. We ALREADY live in an Orwellian war state, and we are one step away from full-on fascism. Stop and think. Don't listen to what the media and the talking heads tell you. Blaming violence on guns is as silly, in a way, as blaming bad driving on cars.
Reply paul
7:44 AM on December 17, 2012 
Shawn, you mention that the guy who did the shooting should have been under some kind of mental health care. I tend to agree, but don't forget that it was the Republicans and Democrats who slashed funding for therapy in the nineties. We live in a society that marginalizes and demonizes anyone who isn't a 'success'. We offer them no or few resources. Our prisons are overflowing with the results of this hardball approach. Why don't we live in a more tolerant society, with a stronger safety net, that doesn't encourage thoughts of desperation in those who don't fit in? In my opinion, that's where our focus should be. We've been 'getting tough' with people for decades. We've become a military state. Now it almost sounds like people think that anyone who doesn't fit in needs to be 'reeducated'. Why can't we just accept that life comes with risk, and why can't we commit ourselves to living in a freer, more open, and more tolerant society? ATTITUDES CAUSE VIOLENCE. It's not guns that cause violence, and often the individual who is involved in violence, is themselves a symptom of a larger problem. We live in a society that teaches us that violence is the answer to every problem. Turn on the TV and you see it.
Reply paul
8:12 AM on December 17, 2012 
I'm against guns and gun violence, but I'm also against being stampeded into gun laws by our revulsion against a horrible crime. I think we need a deeper understanding of what causes crime. And i ask this too. Why are we so concerned over a school shooting, but not at all concerned about the wars our country perpetrates? Why are we not concerned about children's whose lives are blighted by poverty? Why are children who are killed more to be pitied than adults who are killed? The way I see it, we should be concerned about living in a kinder, gentler society. it's our decision that society has to be a rat race. It doesn't have to be that way. No generation in history has had it better, has had more control over their destinies collectively, so why do we insist that we need to get tougher and harder and meaner? Why is that the answer to every problem, for God's sake? Don't we have more than enough people in prison? Don't we have more than enough surveillance? Don't we have more than enough wars? Don't we have more than enough social and economic inequality? Don't we have more than enough violence in our 'entertainment'?

I just think that we act like children when we go to the government and beg 'Daddy' to take our guns. I think we need to be more responsible as citizens in every way. It's up to us to shape the society we want our children to inherit. Laws don't make us better. It's up to us to do that.
Reply Shawn Cassidy
12:53 PM on December 17, 2012 
I agree with a lot of your points. I didn't mean to have the song as a focal point of what happened. I thought it was appropriate for the time of year. I say I hate guns, but I don't ask for them to go away completely. I would like laws surrounding guns. Something just needs to change. You have solid views, and that's what I wanted to hear. Because I don't have the answers. I just know that things need to change. Thanks for all the thought, and care in your responses.
Reply paul
7:57 PM on December 17, 2012 
Thanks Shawn. I appreciate your concern over this issue. I just don't think law is the answer. We have so many laws. So many. The way I see it, what we need is for us as citizens to take our society back from the pols, the banksters, the media and entertainment manipulators, etc...
Reply paul
7:58 PM on December 17, 2012 
We all want a society based on love. Let's go get it, let's DO it.