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Celtics Morning Joe: Frustration level high

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 22, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Droplets of cold dew falling upon my face while the freezing air penetrates through me. Wakes me up every morning. So what will wake the Celtics up? Demands of the masses want more. Pr-requisites of the moment. Should be fulfilled to live, and to prevent the chill that has been put across the Celtics.


Would this frustration come to a peak? Is this it!! So many times we want to give up, or others give up on this team. They beat the odds, or they shock the world all the time. But the final goal isn't reached.


But this little voice won’t let me give up . For the reason that it just don’t like. It pulls me by my feet As if the heavy chains of a slave. I feel as if I'm a slave to the Celtics. Please help me So I might cope with it. Of course I would love to get a big glass of cope.  I'll have more on this game as the Thanksgiving day goes on. In the meantime. Please cope respectively.

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Reply paul
6:53 AM on November 22, 2012 
One highlight play struck me particularly last night. It was one of those pick and rolls that seem to tear us apart every game. Parker had the ball near the sideline, above the three point line. Rondo was watching him intently from about six feet away. It seemed like he wanted to cut off a possible entry pass to Splitter(?), but if so, it's weird that Rondo didn't notice when Splitter ran up and stood right next to Rondo, wiping him out of the play when Parker took off for the paint. Also weird was that Bass didn't tell Rondo that Splitter was coming, and he didn't pursue Splitter. Instead he hung back, as if to prevent Splitter from rolling effectively. He did do that, but it seems to me that he should have pursued Splitter to where he set the screen against Rondo, so that he could show against Parker, possibly even slowing him down enough for Rondo to get back into the play. That way Bass could have avoided the switch, hopefully, getting back to the rolling Splitter, while also inhibiting Parker's movement. Instead we got no show, no switch, and Parker getting into the lane untouched. Deep in the paint, Wilcox had to decide between covering Parker as he penetrated, or covering Duncan as he cut to the basket. Neither Pierce nor Lee rotated to cover Duncan, who was now standing right next to the basket, ready to receive Parker's dish. Bass rotated over, but he had to wait until it was clear that Parker wasn't going to dish to Splitter, and he got to Duncan too late, and basically just in time to get out of Duncan's way for fear of fouling him.

So who is to blame on that play? I would say that Bass was primarily to blame. It appeared that he made no attempt to inform Rondo that Splitter was coming to screen him. He didn't pursue Splitter to the screen area. He did nothing to impede Parker's options coming off the screen, apart from covering Splitter's potential roll. When he finally made a decisive move, the play was already basically over. Nor did Lee or Pierce rotate to cover Duncan, once Wilcox committed to covering Parker. The only way Bass could have played it worse would have been if he had just stood there covering no one.

But it all began with Rondo, it seems to me. I'm not knocking Rondo, but I just think he has to expend more energy in man-to-man coverage, and he has to expend more energy getting back into the play when he loses his man. There's just no way around it. Rondo is the key man on both ends of the court.

Rondo has to do more on defense. If he does that, it will be easier to call out teammates who aren't putting out. The way things are going, I shudder to think what Westbrook will do to us tomorrow night.
Reply Celticslifer
4:07 PM on November 22, 2012 
I know you say it's Rondo's defense Paul, and I agree. But their is more to it than just Rondo. Happy thanksgiving Paul! And SHAWN!
Reply paul
7:04 PM on November 22, 2012 
Celticslifer says...
I know you say it's Rondo's defense Paul, and I agree. But their is more to it than just Rondo. Happy thanksgiving Paul! And SHAWN!

Happy thanksgiving CelticsLifer. I do agree, too. It's not just Rondo by any means. So far this year Rondo is our best player by far.